People Nawa retains employees of Funai and ICMBio to claim land demarcation

People Nawa retains employees of Funai and ICMBio to claim land demarcation

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Source: Lindomar P-Cimi Western Amazonia Regional

Nawa ~ img source CIMI

Nawa ~ img source CIMI


Indigenous people of Nawa, the Igarapé Novo Recreio, municipality of Mâncio Lima, Acre, have retained this Wednesday, 15, an official of Funai, in case the regional coordinator, and three of the Chico Mendes Institute for biodiversity conservation (ICMBio) to protest and demand the resumption of constitutional and legal process of the demarcations of Indian lands.
The struggle for agrarian regularization of indigenous land Nawa has lasted more than 15 years and the natives have systematically denounced the indifference of the authorities to solve the problem. Also denounce what they call abuses by the ICMBio, who insists on not recognizing the land as indigenous.
Three reports show that the Earth is in possession of the indigenous traditional Nawa. Even so, the ICMBio insists that the land in question is part of the Parque Nacional da Serra do Divisor. For this reason, the Agency appealed judicially against the Indians and, since then, the process is judicializadodisrupting the completion of demarcation.
Indigenous peoples denounce the ICMBio has applied  to avoid fines that make their homes and their clearings. There is a case of fine exceeds the $ 300,000 .00. In addition, denounce the indigenous, the ICMBio has sought the families in order to convince them to leave the territory on the grounds that there will never be an indigenous land. All these complaints were made during the seminar on oil and at other times, as already published.
On the other hand, the natives claim that Funai has not given due attention to the claims and neither has provided clarification on the actual situation. The least the Funai should do, according to observe the natives, was at least keep them informedor Funai is not informed or is withholding information.
The retention of civil servants is something undesirable and unwelcome, but reveals the absence of reliable channels for dialogue and a lack of confidence in the institutions, in case the Funai and the ICMBio, as well as their representatives.
A representative of the people reported that employees spend well and will be treated properly and human, unlike how the Government deals with indigenous peoples, but that will only be released upon the presence of an authority from Brasilia and that really can present paths to a solution to the impasse. We’re just going to release (the employees) when we have to guarantee that our rights will be recognized and respected,” said the representation.
Read the full announcement of the Nawa:
Communiqué of the people Nawa
The indigenous people of Nawa inhabits the Indian land Nawa, the Moa River, in the municipality of Mâncio Lima (AC), with a population of 1200 people. For 15 years he’s paralyzed the process demarcatório the territory, whose Serra do Divisor National Park is superimposed.
At 3:0 pm of the day on July 15, in the village Boca Tapada, the indigenous people of Nawa detained the head of the Regional coordination of the National Indian Foundation of Vale do JuruaCR/ARJ, Luiz Valdenir, and the Coordinator of the Parque Nacional da Serra do Divisor, Sir João Damasceno, which is also an official with Chico Mendes Institute for biodiversity conservation (ICMBio).
Cacique João Nawa reported that the reasons for the community‘s decision to arrest the servers were:
1.1. The suspension of the demarcation process of the territory for 15 years. Funai does not take any further action and doesn’t want to give any clarification to the community;
2.2. Attempts to criminalization of the Nawa by ICMBio servers;
3.3. Discrimination and various threats to the Nawa come suffering by ICMBio servers;
4.4. For years, the ICMBio comes reducing the space of enjoyment of Nawa in the ground studied, among other things that are causing harm to the community.
The decision of the community, in General, is that the servers will only be possible in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Justice (DF), the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Funai (DF), the ICMBio (DF) and the indigenous movement, after commitment made to the people, both with powers of decision, because the natives do not accept to talk with representatives of the region and the State as there are 15 years are already talking with nothing being done.
Funai de Cruzeiro do Sul offered an agenda in Brasilia with a Commission of Nawa, but the Indians community rejected the proposal, in view of which the community has already on several occasions been in Brasilia and nothing has been resolved and the Community proposes that this hearing is made in the village and in the presence of all.
The servers detainees have not suffered physical attacks and have all the necessary Community assistance, in relation to food, accommodation. The people of Nawa expects the competent bodies appear with urgency, because no matter what we are willing to fight for human rights.


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