Indians are 3 ICMBio servers and a Funai hostages in reserve in ACRE

7/16/2015 3:56 pm -updated 7/17/2015 10:38

Indians are 3 ICMBio servers and a Funai hostages in reserve in ACRE

Indigenous peoples fight for regularization of their land.
They require the presence of federal employees to release hostages.

Aldecimar Oak The G1 BC

Invasão Serra do Divisor (Foto: Divulgação ICMBio)
Indigenous land is in the Serra do Divisor, Acre
(Photo: Disclosure ICMBio)

3 servers of the Chico Mendes Institute for biodiversity Conservation (ICMbio) and one of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) are held hostage in the Indian village Nawa, which lies within the National Park of the Serra do Divisor. The situation extends from this Wednesday morning (15). The Federal Police attempts to negotiate with the Indians. According to information of the organs, the release of the servers should only be made with the presence of federal authority.

Among those arrested are John Damascene son, who is the administrator of the Park, Araceli Marbelita Rodrigues dos Santos and Rútila Flores Silva, providing service to ICMbio, besides Luiz Nukuni, Funai Coordinator Prettyboy.

On Thursday morning (16), a server of Funai, who did not want to pass information to the press, was at the police station of the Federal Police in the Southern Cross to try and release of retained.

The people part of Nawa linguistic stem cloth and today struggle to rescue their mother tongue. Currently, the population is approximately 700 people, divided into four villages-Sete de setembro, Zulmira, Aquidabã and New Playground-located in the Moa River, in an area of 83,218 hectares which is in the process of regularization.

The people of Nawa had been considered extinct between the years 1904 and 1998. In 1999, the Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi) recognized the Indians who lived on the right bank of the Moa River, in the area of the Parque Nacional da Serra do Divisor, as remnants of Nawa.

Since then, the process of ethnic recognition and the beginning of the struggle for agrarian regularization, which culminated with the arrest of four public servers.

The conservation unit of the Serra do Divisor has 8 thousand square kilometers and covers the municipalities of Mâncio Lima, crux, Marshal Thaumartugo, Port Walter and Rodrigues Alves. The Coordinator of the training centre and the Jurua Technologies (Ceflora), Annie Santos, evaluates students ‘ contact with the region of Serra do Divisor and its biodiversity was part essential to forestry training.

The G1, the National Indian Foundation (Funai) is in dialogue with representatives of the village is found. “Yesterday [Thursday, 16] the night the President of Funai spoke directly on the phone with Chief John Nawa to negotiate the release of the servers that are retained in the village and the best way to meet the claims made for him”.


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