Valdelice Veron to speak in Paris~summit of consciences

Valdelice Veron

photo~ reproduced

Draft Agenda – July 21st (as of July 9th 2015)

7h45 – 8h45: Participants registration

8h45-10h00: Introductory Session (speaking order to be confirmed)

– Opening speech from M. Jean-Paul Delevoye, President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council

– Speech from M. Kofi Annan, Chair of “the Elders”, Chairman of the “Kofi Annan Foundation”, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

– Speech from His Excellency M. Michael Higgins, President of Ireland

– Speech from His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco – Speech from M. François Hollande, President of the French Republic

Polyphonia Quartet, Israeli and Palestinian musicians (12-15mn)

10h00 – 11h00: Opening session: Why We Should Care

– H.H. Bartholomew 1st, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople – H. Em. Cardinal Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace – Rabbi David Rosen, Director of Interreligious Affairs – American Jewish Committee – Prof. Abdou Filaly-Ansary, Director of the Institute for the Study of Muslims Civilisations – Aga Khan University – Prof Tu Weiming, International Confucian Ecological Alliance, China – Ms Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO – Ms Marina Silva, Senator from the State of Acre, Brazil

11h-11h30: Coffee Break

11h30 – 12h45: First plenary: Why do I care? – The fight against climate change, a personal situation, a universal challenge. Personal reflexions based on the experiences, philosophies and religious beliefs of participants Minute of silence dedicated to prayer or meditation

11h30 – 11h45: Keynote addresses Fr Rigobert Minani-Bihuzo, Director of Jesuit Social Center in Africa, DRC M. Mohammad Yunus, Founder of the Grameen Bank (Bangladesh))

11h45- 12h30: Discussion between panelists (here presented in alphabetical order) – M. Ghayth Abduldjabbar Abdullah al-Timeemi, Founder of the Center for Racial, Religious and Cultural Diversity (Iraq) – Ms. Nandita Krishna, Director of C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, Director and Founder of the Center for Environmental Education CPR (India) – M. Egdar Morin, Philosopher and sociologist (France) – M. Andrea Riccardi, Founder of the Sant’Egidio community (Italy) – Ms Alina Saba, Environnemental activist (Nepal) – Ms. Vandana Shiva, environmental activist (India) – M. Trin Xuan Thuan, Astrophysicist (USA)

12h30 -12h45: Discussion within the audience

12h45 – 13h45: Buffet Lunch

13h45 – 15h00: Second plenary: How Do I Show that I Care? – What am I already doing that shows my involvement in the struggle on climate change? Testimonials, actions and commitments to act by participants and religious communities

Dance performance : Ms. Nobuko Kashiwagi Traditional Japanese dance in honor of nature

13h45-14h00: Keynote addresses Ms Susan George, Honorary President of ATTAC, Master Zhang Xueling, China Daoist Association

14h00-14h45: Discussion between panelists (here presented in alphabetical order) – Reverend Takayuki Ashizu, Chief priest of Munakata Grand Shrine (Japan) – M. Jean-Luc Fauque, President of the Supreme Council of the European Confederation – the Scottish Rite – Rev. Fletcher Harper, Director of GreenFaith (USA) – Sister Chan Khong, representative of the Thich Nhat Hanh Community (France) – Fr. Dominique Lang, Chaplain of Pax Christi France, Author of the blog “Churches and Ecology” – Mr Henrik Madsen, CEO DNV-GL, Norway – H.Exc. Bishop Frederick Onael Shoo, Founder of the Lutheran Movement for the Environment in Africa (Tanzania)

14h45 -15h: Discussion within the audience

15h00 – 16h15: Third plenary: What do I do ? – How to fight climate change Testimonials, actions and commitments to act by participants and religious communities

15h00-15h15: Keynote addresses – M. Pierre Rabhi, agroecologist and writer (France), – Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa, Bishop of Bunyoro Kitara (Uganda) 15h15-16h: Discussion between panelists (here presented in alphabetical order) – Dr Vinya Ariyaratne, Director of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement (Sri Lanka) – M. Swami Amritasvarupananda, Amma’s representative (India) – Jathedar Ji, Jathedar Akal Takht, Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (India) – Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, Spiritual Guide of the Alawiyya Sufi brotherhood (Algeria) – M Sailesh Rao, Director of “Climat Healers Initiative for Transformations” (USA) -M. Sebastiao Salgado, Photographer, Founder of Instituto Terra (Brazil – France)

16h-16h15: Discussion within the audience

16h15 – 16h45: Coffee Break

16h45-17h: Two stories from Amazonia – From Sarayaku: Ms. Patricia Gualinga, daughter of Shaman Don Sabino and sister of José Gualinga, former president of the Sarayaku community with M. Felix Santi, President of the Sarayaku Community ( Equator)

From Guarani-Kaiowa: Ms. Valdelice Veron, spokeswoman of the Guarani-Kaoiwa People, with M. Natanel Vilharva Cáceres, cacique of the Guarani-Kaiowa People (Brazil)

17h– 18h: Fourth plenary : “Inspiring the World to care – igniting the will to act for the climate How to carry the message beyond this Summit from now until COP21. How to ensure other Summits of Consciences are organized elsewhere in the world, by public figures and non-denominational and religious institutions/organizations. For this session, as well as for the closing ceremony, accredited ambassadors will be invited.

17h-17h15 Keynote addresses Ms. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations for Climate change M. Nigel Savage, President of Hazon (USA)

17h15-17h45: Discussion between panelists (here presented in alphabetic order) – M. Ahmed Abbadi, Secretary General of the Oulemas League (Morocco) – M. Oumar Abdi Deputy executive director of UNICEF – Senator Loren Legarda (Philippines) – Ms. Masami Saionji, President of “The World Peace Prayer Society” (Japan) – Ms Elif Shafak, writer (Turkey) to be confirmed – Dr Rajwant Singh, EcoSikh (USA) 17h45-18h: Discussion within the audience

18h-18h30: Closing session Official launch of the “Call to Conscience for the climate” for all persons involved in the climate negotiations, and official submission to the ambassadors present. Presentation of the new commitments made by the participants and “The Green Pilgrim Age” initiative

– Closing remarks from M. Nicolas Hulot, Special Envoy of the French President for the Protection of the Planet

– Speech from M. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Founding Chairman of R20

– Speech from M. Janos Pasztor, Assistant Secretary General on Climate Change speaking on behalf of the UN Secretary General

18h30-18h45: Closing ceremony with young readers from Bayard for the Youth, projection of a short video “A story told by Children” and delivery of a Planet to Personalities.

Cheikh Lô, Senegal (to be confirmed)



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