Dilma defrauded the public accounts

1) Sunday, July 19, 2015
Prosecutor says that Dilma defrauded the public accounts to cheat society and be reelected; see video
In an interview with TV Fact site Fact Online, Julio Marcelo de Oliveira, TCU‘s Attorney, explained the process of the crime would have been committed by the Government of President Dilma Rousseff in the fiscal cycle. According to him, the conduct she exerted is prohibited by law of Fiscal responsibility. Today it is necessary to make a fiscal adjustment, is because before there was a fiscal problem,” he said. Furthermore, he addressed the false promises and clean data used by the Government. According to him, the public accounts were phony in that it pretended that the goal was being accomplished, when he wasn’t. Watch the video:




2) The Judicial and legislative powers, in the exercise of his responsibilities, must have freedom of action to ensure that a ruler does not confuse his will with that of the people. This reasoning that echoes to this day in consolidated democracies countries was prepared by 17TH century enlightenment Baron de Montesquieu to establish the pillars of a Government not authoritative. For the French, the prerequisite for the democratic State would be the autonomy of the legislative, Executive and judicial Powers. Therefore, the Executive ever and ever could interfere in the responsibilities of the legislative and judiciary powers of monitoring it and, if appropriate, punish him.

Weakened politically, registering a record rejection and with processes that may lead to his removal, the President Dilma Rousseff tries to save his tenure contrary to this fundamental principle of democracy enshrined in the second article of the Constitution. Judges of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Electoral Court Tribunal de Contas da União-Legislative-linked body suffer any sort of pressure to avoid possible convictions Dilma. The silliness of this feature took forms on the night of the anti-Republican last day on July 7. The Portuguese city of Porto became stage for a conversation between Dilma, the President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski. and the Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo. So secretive, the meeting heard even on the official agenda of the authorities.

While it might, the plateau has kept the meeting secret. After the meeting come out, allies of the President have dedicated themselves to disseminate the thesis that the casual dinner was meant to discuss the project approved by Congress which granted 78% mark-Legal servers. “The Minister Lewandowski took a computer and presented to the President all the data of the increase,” argued Cardozo. The justification joined the list of excuses excuses of the Government. Well, if it was to deal with a subject of interest and two institutional powers, Dilma or Lewandowski could have simply crossed the terrace and if found in an official hearing, communicated to the public in their agendas, distinguished by the book. Their offices keep a distance of only 300 meters. But they preferred to act in secret and had reason to.

Aides of the Minister of Justice reported to THIS is that the range of subjects was broader than that disseminated by the Government, after the meeting. Included on the agenda of the Supreme in relation to car wash Operation and spoke up about a habeas corpus granted to the former Treasurer of PT, today arrested, Joao Vaccari Neto. The subject was introduced when Lewandowski recalled that took over at the beginning of the month the duty of the Supreme Court, during the layoffs of other Ministers. At the beginning of the work, the day 3, he granted an injunction to a request for habeas corpus filed by Vaccari Neto to avoid a confrontation with Renato Duque, former Director of Petrobras, which was scheduled for the day 8 or 9 July at CPI Petrolão. Owner of a history of good relations with the Government, built mainly during the trial of the mensalão, when it became the main counterpoint to Joaquim Barbosa, the Chief emphasized that will continue on standby until the end of the recess of the judiciary. During the period, you will be able to deal with issues related to contractors arrested by Petrolão. Although in no time they have spoken directly about a possible process of interruption of the presidential term, discussed at dinner the work schedule of the Supreme Court for the second half of 2015. The President wanted to know how the courts will organize to define the agenda of plenary, assignment of Lewandowski.

Dilma bet all your chips in the Supreme Court for two fundamental reasons: first because she is convinced that this is the only forum in which the President holds most today. Second because the Court is the spillway of the major cases against her, including that of cycling in processing at TCU.

The TSE also feels the pressure exerted by a Government in trouble. While the action that calls for impeachment of Dilma in the 2014 elections seemed to be just another opposition offensive, the work of the Inspector General, Minister José Otávio de Noronha, went to the rhythm of bureaucracy. The direct relationship between the investigations of car wash with the questioning of abuse of economic power in the election, however, gave political weight to the work of the Board. Contractors report that the election box EN was stocked with bribes of Petrobras ‘ scheme and, from there, the Government spent probing the placement of Ministers. But the attempt to approach was not well assimilated by the members of the Court. He graduated, then, contrary to what I imagined the Government, a front of criticism of the action of the plateau, pulled by the Minister Gilmar Mendes, Vice President of the TSE. Still, Rousseff cast Ministers to make an appointment under pressure in Corregidor Octavian Noronha. The Rapporteur of the action against Rousseff on TSE attended the same seminar with Lewandowski in Portugal, on 6 and 7 July. The good news, at least for those who defend the harmony between the powers, is not joined the secretive dinner Noronha from Oporto. At the other end, the Allied base of Dilma helped approve in Congress the basic text of the reform policy that hinders the determination of irregularities by the TSE. For example, the deadline for the MP represents against the suspects was shortened to June of the year following the December election, which makes more complex investigations.



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