Indicted~Gutierrez and eight more for crimes investigated in car wash

PF indicts President of Andrade Gutierrez and eight more for crimes investigated in car wash

They are charged with active corruption, bidding fraud, money laundering and crime against the economic order; company claims that accusations are unfounded

by Germano Oliveira, Mariana Timoteo da Costa, Tiago Dantas and Thais Skodowski * (especially for the GLOBE)

Sao Paulo05192015 photo Christopher de Holanda REUTERS
SAO PAULO and CURITIBA — the Federal Police (PF) handed over to justice, this Sunday, the report of the investigation on the participation of the Andrade Gutierrez in schemes of corruption at Petrobras. Nine people have been indicted for the crimes of corruption, formation of cartel, bidding fraud and money laundering. Among them are the President of the construction company, Octavian Maini, and Elton Executive Negrão, complying with probation in Curitiba. In a statement, the contractor denied any relationship with the facts investigated by car wash “.

In a document submitted to the Federal Public Ministry on Sunday, the Deputy Eduardo Mauat da Silva acknowledged that the Feds don’t have examined all the material seized in the business and residential addresses of the indicted: “we offer this summary view of the insignificant term arising from the temporary segregation of the indicted, despite appearing in cell phones, media and some outstanding documents of analysis”.

Octavian and Elton Nigger are the only ones from the list of employees or former employees of Andrade which are trapped in the incarceration of the PF of Curitiba. Were indicted even Rogério Nora de Sá, former President of the group, and the former executives Antônio Pedro Campello de Souza and Paulo Roberto Dalmazzo. Scheme operators group of Andrade Gutierrez, have been cited: Flavius Lucius Magalhães, Mario Goes, Saliou Goes and Fernando Soares, known as Fernando Baiano. Mario and Fernando Baiano also are stuck in Curitiba, as has already been mentioned as operators of other companies.

Also finished the weekend the deadline for PF present the report of the investigations against the company Odebrecht. After delivery of the report, the Federal prosecutors have five days to review it and submit the complaint — what should happen next Friday. Then the judge Sergio Live, of the 13th Federal Court, will decide whether to accept the request of the MPF. If he accepts the complaint, contractors have seen defendants and shall be formally charged for committing the crimes.


The report points to evidence of irregularities in four contracts signed between Andrade Gutierrez and Petrobras, of 2008 to 2011. Are cited works made by the company in the Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex (Comperj) and at the refinery of Paulínia (Replan). The research States that the result of these bids was determined previously by the cartel assembled by construction companies investigated in car wash to split the State’s edicts.

To justify the indictment, federal agents used information passed for whistle-blowers operation. According to them, the contractor paid kickbacks to directors of Petrobras; part of that money would go to political parties. In one of the financial movements described in the report, the Andrade Gutierrez hired River Marine for a consulting firm. The analysis of the contract by the experts, however, showed that “the payments listed were carried out without appropriate documentary and factual ballast”. The Marine River belongs to Mário Goes.

Mario and his son, Saliou Goes were indicted as operators of payment of bribes of Andrade. It was also pointed out as responsible for the same function Fernando Soares, known as Fernando Baiano and already investigated by the car wash operation by being involved in financial operations of other groups.


The Executive of Andrade Elton Negrão and former Builder Antonio Pedro Campello de Souza Negrão and Elton are pointed to by FP’s research as “contacts for receiving kickbacks and participation in meetings of the cartel”, having championed the real existence of services provided by the operators. Although I don’t work in the company, Paul Dalmazzo is also cited as a contact in the Builder by whistle-blowers.

Flavio Lucio Magellan is reported as an operator, who had contacts with the doleiro Alberto Youssef and Leonardo Meirelles, used by Youssef to make fraudulent foreign exchange transactions abroad.

The President of Andrade, Otávio Maini, was indicted for having bought a speedboat to Fernando Baiano, who would check on their relationship with the operator. As well as he, the former contractor, Rogério Nora de Sá, was indicted because, in the opinion of the researchers of the PF, the corruption schemes were not “mere initiative of some isolated and Executive benefit, must be regarded as acts of the Andrade Gutierrez group management”.

The President of Andrade Gutierrez, Otávio Marques de Azevedo, indicted yesterday by the feds for various crimes, denied having friendly relations with the lobbyist Fernando Soares, Fernando Baiano. But the Executive did not explain in the statement to the PF, because in October 2012, sold a boat of your property to Bahia for $ 1.5 million. Baiano, who also was indicted yesterday in the same investigation, is accused of being one of the operators of Andrade next to Petrobras.


In testimony to the delegate Eduardo da Silva Mauat, Octavius has denied being part of the scheme to rig bids of Petrobras. He says he never paid illegal advantages to employees and directors of Petrobras and that, as soon as it was started the car wash was performed an internal audit that found that the company would not have involvement with the.

Octavian denied having friendly relations with Fernando Baiano, but not explained why, in October 2012, sold a boat of your property to Bahia for $ 1.5 million. Baiano, who also was indicted yesterday in the same investigation, is accused of being one of the operators of Andrade next to Petrobras.

The President of Adhikari acknowledged that participated in meeting with former Director of supply Paulo Roberto Costa, Petrobras, defendant confess in car wash. Octavian said the meeting had “purpose treating of firm position before Petrobras, being considered that greater participation in the Andrade should have State’s works”.

Another Director of Andrade Gutierrez arrested in car wash, Elton Negrão de Azevedo Junior, admitted to having participated in meetings with other contractors to discuss matters of common interest “. In the statement to the PF, Negrão said the meetings were not adjustments of the contractors, but rather to discuss adjustments of contracts with Petrobras that, according to him, were not following the inflation. He denied having paid kickbacks to directors of State.


In a statement, Andrade Gutierrez reaffirms “that do not have or had any relationship with the facts investigated by car wash”.

“The company reiterates that never participated in cartel forming or fraud in public tenders, as well as never made any kind of undue payment to anyone. The company Reaffirms further that there are no grounds or evidence to justify the arrest and indictment of its executives and former executives. Andrade Gutierrez back saying that was always at the disposal of the authorities to cooperate with the investigation and clarify all doubts as soon as possible, restoring once the truth of the facts and the innocence of the company and its executives. “


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