Lula faces charges, fears the cuffs


1) 7/19/2015
Arrest of “SQUID”, so secretly and away from the press aides are negotiating with PF and Federal Judge Sergio Moro

For Brazilians more informed and Patriots have already noticed for a long time that the institutions in the country are equipped by the yoke of a political party and its allies. One of the proof of that is that at the request of the Institute, the Federal Prosecutor in the Federal District decided to impose secrecy about the investigation involving the former President, suspected of having practiced international influence trafficking. Despite the case of notorious public interest, because they involve BNDES resources information for construtora Odebrecht works abroad, from now on, only the parties will have access to the criminal investigative procedure, introduced in the last day July 8.

Lula Institute, the Federal Prosecutor in the Federal District decided to impose secrecy about the investigation involving the former President, suspected of having practiced international influence trafficking.

However, the former President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva through his Institute’s Advisory Squid, announced that it is negotiating with the Federal Police and the federal judge Sergio Live that his likely arrest is in secret character and out of the press and to be only communicated to the public when it is already in the carceragens of the Federal Police in Curitiba. Still requires that is communicated in advance of a day and that too not be handcuffed. And that, if it is, that if cuff with your hands in front and with a jacket covering them in addition to a special cell that can maintain communication with your supporters and advisors as well as the allies of political ideology.

More information suggest that until August 16 the imprisonment of Lula may be enacted. Tried to contact the staff of Judge Sergio Moro but we haven’t had a comeback.

From Brasilia to channel 1.


2) Documents show that Lula lobbied for Odebrecht in Portugal and Cuba
Diplomatic cables report performance in favour of the contractor
by Chico de Gois, Eduardo Bresciani e Francisco Leali

7/19/2015 07:00 / Updated 7/19/2015 9:43
Lula and Prime Minister of Portugal, Pedro Passos Coelho -4/24/2014/Robert Stuckert Filho;

BRASILIA — diplomatic Telegrams exchanged between heads of Brazilians abroad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between 2011 and 2014, indicate that the activities of the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in favour of the Odebrecht Group abroad were beyond hiring to deliver lectures, contrary to what the PT and the construction company have sustained. The documents indicate that Lula, out of Office, he worked on at least two occasions to benefit — one of them, Odebrecht with express request to the Prime Minister of Portugal, Pedro Passos Coelho, this attention to the interests of the company in a privatisation process in that country. Another telegram reveals that Lula opened the doors of the BNDES to the Government of Zimbabwe, African country ruled by dictator Robert Mugabe.

Released last Thursday by the Foreign Ministry from the request made by the GLOBE through the access to Information Act, the documents describe meetings of Squid in Cuba in the company of representatives of the construction company. In a visit to the island, he was welcomed by the President of the company, Marcelo Odebrecht, and by former Minister José Dirceu. In another, Lula has starred in projects related to the energy in Cuban region of Muriel, where the contractor built a port with BNDES resources.

Through the Press Office of his Institute, former President Lula denies that any company to “give consulting, lobbying or influence”. Odebrecht also denies having used Squid services to try to get contracts.

Since last Thursday, Lula’s relationship with the contractor is subject of investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic in the Federal District. Investigators want to know if the former President has practiced international influence trafficking, crime included in the penal code in 2002. The law States that it is forbidden to receive benefit or promise of advantage in international trade transactions. The Institute claims that the Squid resources received refer to lectures. It is now known, with the revelation of the telegrams, which he also worked in commercial defense. Therefore, the focus of the investigation will determine whether the lobbying activity was also remunerated. For that, the former President and the Odebrecht may have tax, banking secrecy and broken phone.

The former President in favour of Odebrecht in Portugal is reported in two telegrams. In October 25, 2013, the Brazilian Ambassador in Lisbon, Mario Nasim, sent a statement addressing Lula’s visit to Portugal, which took place between 21 and 23 of that year. The diplomat makes it clear that the visit of the former President was due to invitation of Odebrecht, on behalf of the 25 years of presence of the Brazilian construction company in Portugal. In the description of the agenda of Lula in Lisbon, Ambassador narrated that, on 22 October, in the afternoon, the PT “met with Brazilian businessmen, among them Dr. Emílio Odebrecht (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Odebrecht and Marcelo’s father).

Less than seven months later, in another telegram, Nasim, in May 2, 2014, makes an analysis of the privatization of the company General of Fomento (EGF), which was resistance by some Portuguese municipalities that, in assessing the Ambassador, had generated little result. After describing how was the process, the diplomat noted that Brazilian companies Odebrecht and Solvi, in partnership with the Portuguese Visabeira group, have shown interest in the business, which generated sympathy of opinion makers in Portugal. The diplomat records the direct action of Lula in favor of Odebrecht.

“Resonated positively in recent media statement by the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in an interview on RTP in 27/04 last day, in the sense that Brazil should engage more actively in the acquisition of the Portuguese State. The former President also stressed the interest of Odebrecht for EGF Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, who reacted positively to the election “, said the diplomat.

Lula, in fact, gave an interview on Portuguese television, speaking of the 40 years of the revolution of the Carnations and addressing various topics, including advocating greater participation of Brazilian companies in privatizations conducted in Portugal — but without citing any company specifically. The management in favour of Odebrecht, from what we can see from the statement issued by the diplomat, was made in private to the Portuguese Prime Minister. According to the Institute’s website, the former President met with Passos Coelho on day 24 April, and would have talked only of global economic situation and the World Cup in Brazil.

On the occasion of the telegram, the Brazilian contractor was one of seven who had officially expressed interest in the business. Two months later, however, the Odebrecht just not formalizing the proposal. The EGF has just sold by 149.9 million euros for short, consortium comprising Portuguese companies.


The Chargé d’affaires in Cuba, Marcelo Chamber, a telegram from March 3, 2014, reports on the visit Lula made the island between 24 and 27 February the same year. Summary of the message: “a central theme of their dialogue was the prospect of initiatives for improvement of the energy matrix to the special zone at Mariel, and strengthening the culture of soybean in the country”. On this trip, “in attendance at the invitation of the local government and with the support of IOC/Odebrecht Group”, as describes the document, Lula was accompanied, among others, by Senator Blairo Maggi (PR-MT) and the former Minister of mining and energy Silas Rondeau, who left the Government in 2007 accused of receiving bribes to favor companies with federal works.

The Itamaraty documents record further Squid trips to Cuba. In June 2011, the former President was greeted at the hotel by Marcelo Odebrecht, the company President, and José Dirceu. “On your arrival at the hotel, Lula received the greetings of Mr. José Dirceu and businessman Marcelo Odebrecht, Chief Executive Officer of that Builder”, recorded the Chargé d’affaires in Cuba at the time, Albino Poli Jr., telegram sent to the Ministry.

Marcelo is arrested in Curitiba for a month after being arrested on stage “Erga Omnes” car wash operation. Dirceu is under house arrest for his conviction in the mensalão and already mentioned in the car wash for a few whistle-blowers as beneficiary of kickbacks through his consulting company. On the tour he made in the company of them to Cuba, the former President met with Raúl and Fidel Castro. By the account of the telegram, Marcelo was out of the two meetings, as Dirceu accompanied Lula just in conversation with Raul.

The former President had yet another trip to the land of the Castro brothers associated with Odebrecht. As revealed by the GLOBE, Lula was in the country in January 2013 with expenses paid by the contractor. Alexandrino Alencar, then Director of Institutional Relations of the company, arrived at the same Jet on which he travelled the former President. Alencar was also arrested in car wash last month and left the contractor.

The Brazilian diplomacy still demonstrate announcements that Lula has served to bring the Government of Zimbabwe to BNDES, although it is not clear whether or not there is any direct connection with Odebrecht. In a statement sent from the headquarters of the Ministry for the Brazilian representation in Zimbabwe there is the description of what the former President requested that the Ambassador of that country were received at the banco de fomento. The meeting occurred on May 3, 2012. Since 1980, the Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe is ruled by.

In the list of works and services financing abroad disseminated by the BNDES is not on any funding for the activities of Brazilian companies in Zimbabwe, but in 2013 through the Ministry of agrarian development were released $ 98 million to that country within the framework of the program More International Foods.



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