PF operation against politicians investigated in the Supreme Court

PF operation against politicians investigated in the Supreme Court
The Federal Police burned in six States and the FEDERAL DISTRICT, an operation to fulfill 53 search and seizure warrants issued by the Supreme Court (STF) against politicians with privileged forum that were targets of six surveys initiated in court from the car wash Operation. Hans Von Manteuffel/Agency O Globo
The operation takes place in accordance with the representations of the PF and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in investigations that are handled in the Supreme Court. The main objective is to keep important evidence to be destroyed by the investigation. Been authorized seizures of goods that were acquired by criminal practice. Hans Von Manteuffel/Agency O Globo
Searches were carried out at the home of investigated in functional addresses, head offices of companies, law firms and Government agencies. Among the targets of the warrant are the Senators Fernando Collor de Mello (PTB), Fernando Bezerra (PSBPE) and Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI); the Congressman Eduardo da Fonte (PPPE), the former mp John Pizzolatti (PPSC) and the former Minister Mário Negromonte. Ailton de Freitas/agency O Globo
Warrants are fulfilled in the Federal District (12), Bahia (11), Brazil (8), Alagoas (7), Santa Catarina (5), Rio de Janeiro (5) and São Paulo (5). About 250 federal police participating in the action. Hans von Manteuffel/agency O Globo
The PF seized documents in the functional apartment Senator Fernando Collor (PTBAL). The action led to a squabble between Federal Police (PF) and the Senate servers. The Police Director of Senate, Pedro Ricardo Ahmad, and AttorneyGeneral of the House, Alberto Cascais, were at the scene, claiming the action of federal marshals Ailton de Freitas/agency O Globo
Three luxury cars were seized at the home of Maher, Senator Fernando Collor‘s residence (PTBAL), in Brasilia. A Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Porsche were taken to the oversight of the Federal District PF Nawaz Marcellin/Reuters
Ferrari is impounded in Casa da Dinda NAWAZ MARCELLIN/REUTERS
In Rio, the PF did searches in a unit of Petrobras, on Senate Street, downtown. According to a source, the officers broke the door of the room of Jose Zonis, Manager of international supply of natural gas purchase and sale, because he wouldn’t be in the building. According to this source, Zonis would have been indicated by Collor and the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros Carlos Ivan/4/11/2014/the Globe
The decisions of the SUPREME COURT that allowed the searches and seizures in the homes of politicians and others investigated in car wash left three Ministers, among them the Rapporteur of investigations, Da Zavascki. The President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, and the Dean, Minister Celso de Mello, also authorized part of searches because the decisions were taken on the duty of the Supreme Court, Ailton de Freitas/agency O Globo

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