Indigenous lands in Brazil may be in danger due to petroleum exploration

Indigenous lands in Brazil may be in danger due to petroleum exploration

20 July 2015
Article by Writing CL

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Operating areas of the national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP) may achieve, environmentally, indigenous lands in the Amazon and in Maranhão.
In the case of both the Parnaíba basin and the Amazon basin, what we found is that many of these blocks are a few meters of the demarcation of indigenous lands boundaries. In addition, there is a possibility that some of these blocks relating to indigenous lands have not yet adjustedsaid Conrado Rodrigo, Coordinator of the Indigenous Work Centre, the EBC portal.
Seven oil exploration blocks around at least 15 areas of indigenous people Mura. In the Parnaíba basin, in Maranhão, 12 are the lands belonging to various indigenous peoples (peoples Timbira, Awá Guaja, Guajajara, among others) that may be affected.
According to the Organization, the exploration of those areas can bring problems such as deforestation , water pollution, the resulting disappearance of animals used in the food of the Indians and even the increased transmission of diseases.
The Cti Centre stated that the boards of Territorial Protection and promoting sustainable development are to verify that farms focus on territory with isolated Indians record and hit land claim areas.
The ANP says that evaluates the cases before being designed the right of exploitation and the blocks not reach indigenous lands. The big question is which borders in nature are not as lines on the football field. All the fauna and flora is sensitive to what happens in a extensive radius of where you are physically.


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