Xavante people Marãiwatsédé indigenous land (MT) mobilize in defense of their territory


Xavante people Marãiwatsédé indigenous land (MT) mobilize in defense of their territory
Saturday, May 14 2016
Indigenous Peoples

Threat of reinvasion in Marãiwatsédé results in intensification of surveillance and monitoring in the region. Who invade may be arrested.

photo~ Mel Mendes

Three years after the reconquest of territory in the northeast of Mato Grosso, the Xavante people mobilize and intensify surveillance on rumours of a possible reinvasion to indigenous land (TI) Marãiwatsédé. Indigenous people are camped in the locality named Mooni ‘ pa, where there was a town called Posto da Mata, destroyed by police forces in the last withdrawal of non-indigenous. Rounds are being held by indigenous people throughout the territory with the support of the National Indian Foundation (Funai).

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) follows closely the situation, confirmed the risk of reinvasion and have notified the Federal Police for investigation and determination of possible involved (learn more).

Yesterday, handed the new indigenous justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes, a document denouncing the possible reinvasion and charging the protection area. Mathur said it would forward the complaint to Federal Police (see here).

The Xavante were taken compulsorily to your traditional territory in 1966, just getting back to the area in 2004. Until the desintrusão were restricted to about 10 percent of the land approved since 1998. The process of desintrusão of the Marãiwatsédé indigenous land was initiated in November 2012 and finalized in January 2013, after more than 20 years of irregular occupation by non-indigenous.

Since then, the Indians work in the management of its territory, with plantations, surveillance, monitoring of natural resources, recovery of degraded areas and opening of new villages. In addition, seek improvements in health care and access to water. Currently, the Xavante are building the territorial and environmental management plan of Marãiwatsédé, which will be released later this year and represents another important step in the reappropriation of the Xavante on its territory.

Illegal movement

The 2012 decision of the Supreme Court (STF), the last instance of the Brazilian judiciary, which ordered the withdrawal of all non-Indians from within Marãiwatsédé tramitou, i.e., doesn’t fit any judicial review. To the regional coordinator of Funai in Ribeirão Cascalheira, Alexander Croner, the intention of this movement is to create turmoil, since any attempt to reinvasion the Marãiwatsédé constitute a crime. “A supposed invasion is totally illegal and punishable by prison. This movement has no legitimacy, “said Croner.

Other intrusion attempts have already occurred, but failed due to increased mobilization and strengthening of the Organization for defense of its territory Xavante. In June 2014, the MPF denounced 27 farmers by illegal deforestation on indigenous land Marãiwatsédé, asking for the conviction of those involved and the R$ 42 million payment for the recovery of at least 2000 hectares of native vegetation. In September 2015, the Agency reported 13 people involved in arson and successive invasions to the traditional territory of the Xavante people. The complaint filed in Federal Court in Barra do Garças imputes to denounced the crimes of invasion of public lands, resistance, criminal association, fire, theft, corruption, incitement to crime and criminal damage.

Maráiwatsede campaign: the Earth is of the Xavante



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