Sérgio Machado and Romero Jucá: dialogue between a farmer and a miner

Pivots of the crisis have so little Republican activities as their conversations; former farm has questioned by the MST; former is a walking conflict of interest
Alcaeus Luís Castilho (@deolhonoagro *)
On day 18, Wednesday, 2 1000 landless families who occupied since March fazenda Santa Maria, in the West of Paraná, were expelled by the police of Governor Beto Richa, at the behest of the judiciary. One of the owners of the farm, alongside the brothers? Sérgio Machado, himself, the former President of Transpetro-now famous because of little conversations with Republican Senator Romero Jucá (PMDBRR). Men, women, children and even a wheelchair were expelled with extreme violence to ensure a property acquired with money from corruption, summarizes the journalist Aluizio Palmar.
On the other side of Brazil, Jucá. Owner of TV (for children), miner. Among other cositas bad. In 1987, in the midst of an epidemic of malaria and influenza, brought by the invasion of miners, the President of Funai, Romero Jucá, citing national security reasons, the Yanomami area health teams. Is an excerpt from the final report of the National Commission of truth. Result? 500% increase in cases of malaria. More than 4 000 Yanomami tribe died from malaria, tuberculosis, of murder, summarizes the indigenous leader David Kopenawa.
Flash forward in the report:
The most flagrant of support of public power to say invasion took place in the management of Romero Jucá ahead of Funai, in the Paapiu region/Couto de Magalhães, where the camp was started from the magnification of an old landing strip by the Airports of the Amazon region (Comara), in 1986. The Funai and other public agents have abandoned the region, leaving the area free for the action of the miners.
The report says that the ineffectiveness of Funai in withdrawal of miners, aggravated by the expulsion of health professionals, as a direct consequence the deaths resulting from conflicts.
The fortune of Romero Jucá comes in good part of mining. Most of the goods was transferred in the years 90 still to the children, 12 members companies. Which doesn’t prevent you from doing bills relating to the sector. He is the author of a PEC which allows mineral exploration within Indian reservations. This practice very common in Congress the conflict of interest. And everything could always be worse: David Kopenawa says Normand and your family encourage the invasion of indigenous lands by garimpeiros.
The Senator was away from the Ministry of planning, not by its peculiar history. But why was spotted in a conversation conspirator. Con man. What a politician as he can plan? The service of who? In this 2013 text explain the Web of interests linking politicians to mining companies. Especially the PMDBthe party that comes one more time through pies into power. Also tale a curious history – buried by the Supreme Courtabout the relationship between Romero Jucá, and a general contractor (contractors), the Diagonal. Dias Toffoli Minister didn’t see a problem in the case.
Jucá Machado and summarize the face illegal and violent rural Brazil. The land grabs, the invasion of indigenous lands, the expulsion of peasants. And that always ends up winning the endorsement of the judiciary. Or the Government on dutycon or not. The former President of Transpetro incursions from the West of Paraná (which also decimated indigenous region, along the 20 century) to the antics of Jucá, have the same archaic Brazil. That, in our political system, usually very well ruralist represented in Brasilia.
Is the PMDB, journalists! In mining, is the PMDB
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