Public hearing: in addition to PEC 65, Bill establishing licensing “the Jet” threat environment

3 June 2016 at 3:00 pm 2

Public hearing: in addition to PEC 65, Bill establishing licensing “the Jet” threat environment


During the event, added that Government prepares to improve text PL to create general standard for licensing

Audiência Pública: além de PEC 65, projeto de lei que institui licenciamento “à jato” ameaça meio ambiente

John Américo/Secom/PGR


Civil society, members of the Public Ministry, representatives of the environment and the National Congress debated on Thursday, June 2, in Brasilia, pending proposals in Congress that threaten environmental licensing. Approximately of 120 people took part in the discussion in the Auditorium of the High Council of the Federal prosecutors, the Attorney General of the Republic.

The debaters denounced the existence of other projects even more threatening to the proposed constitutional amendment 65. These other proposals also aim to overthrow or loosening environmental licensing for projects and activities and are closest to being approved by the parliamentarians.

“There are even more threatening, PLs because, unlike the PEC, these projects do not require a qualified majority. May be approved on mute, “said Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (network/AP), one of the panelists. Randolfe was designated this Friday, June 3, the rapporteur for the PEC 65, he came back to the Committee on Constitution and Justice of the Senate.

Among the proposals cited, is the project of law 654/2015, establishing the environmental licensing “the Jet”. The project accelerates the release of environmental licenses for large infrastructure projects, with the creation of a special procedure for “strategic and national interest”.

According to the text, authored by Senator Romero Jucá (PMDB/RR), the Executive power will indicate, by Decree, subject to special environmental licensing. The licensing organ will have 60 days to analyze the design and environmental studies submitted and request clarification. Afterwards, will have 60 more days to decide. The whole licensing process should take no more than seven or eight months. The Bill can be voted on by the plenary of the Senate at any time. The offensive against the licensing account with at least four other projects in Congress (447/2012 PLS, 112/2015 PLC, PLS 705/PLC/2015 2015, 1546).

To the Federal Human Rights Prosecutor, Citizen subprocuradora General’s Office Deborah Duprat, the problem goes beyond legislation. Second Duprat, the developments already beginning with vice of origin: “the projects are conceived from the point of view of the enterprise and not the impacts; the impacts that have to accommodate in this process, “he noted.

The environmental policy Director of ISA, Maurício Guetta, stated that the environment has been suffering major setbacks since the approval of the forest code. He notes that the offensive has become larger since the end of last year. The regional public prosecutor of the Republic Joao Akira Omoto credits the movement to the turbulent political moment by which passes the country. “These are opportunistic maneuvers. Do these people not see that things only get worse? We live under an authoritarian model, few people decide what is important. There is no development without democracy “.

During the hearing, the panelists remembered the disaster of Mariana, who happened to work having passed through licensing. Also remembered the Belo Monte dam, which caused “irreparable environmental damage,” according to the regional public prosecutor Felicio Pontes, who accompanied the work since its initial phase.

General Law of environmental licensing- The President of IBAMA, Suely Aguilar, said that the Government works to improve the draft of the Bill 3729/2004, establishing the general law of environmental licensing. “The idea is to create a general rule, a rule of thumb, that reaches also the States and municipalities,” said. The Minister of the environment, Jose Sarney Filho, congratulated the Federal prosecutors for the initiative and said that the outcome of the public hearing will serve as subsidy for adjustments to the text: “we want to put this text for consideration as soon as possible, but, of course, listening to all segments,” he pointed out.

Closing the hearing, the Coordinator of the Environment and Cultural heritage, subprocuradora-General of the Republic Sandra Cureau, noted the importance of continuing to mobilize brazilian society to learn about the initiatives against the environment and express your dissatisfaction. “The timing is bad, but we have to fight until the end. Our representatives are elected with the vote, understand what are our representatives and not the interests of companies and entrepreneurs, “he said.

Invited to participate in the debate and defend their views, the parliamentarians who proposed or are rapporteurs of some of the laws under debate, Senator Acir Gurgacz (PDT/RO) and congressmen Mauro Pereira (PMDB/RS) and Carlos Eduardo Marun (PMDB/MS) refused the invitation.

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