Urgent: loggers and farmers threaten to invade this weekend the indigenous land Alto Turiaçu, KA’APOR

June 18, 2016 Environmental Racism CombateRacismoAmbiental


For The Curupira
The people KA’APOR comes right now suffering tough attacks and violence by defending your life project that is the forest.
In response to the self-management of the Indian territory, loggers and farmers High Turiaçu intensified threats and are programming invade this weekend the indigenous land of Urubú sign People in the State of Maranhão.
They surrounded two indigenous leaders from the village invaded in December 2015, threatened them with death if they do not release plans, actions and people and agencies involved with the territorial protection. Intimidated, reported the attackers all about what the natives and organs that have power to police do and will do. We do not see any further action of the organ responsible for the security of the indigenous and the territory. With that, the loggers have gathered these days in the region and planned to attack villages, by the municipalities of the region (Center of William Maranhaozinho, Nova Olinda do Maranhão and Zé Doca).
From yesterday to today the climate remains tense.
This morning the loggers stopped a car from the Base of indigenous health Zé Doca, on a road known as the conquest, city Dock, Northwest Maranhão Ze, with a server and native leader from returning to the city.

The Ka apor have been performing actions of people’s organization and protection of the territory since 2010 and are recognized by national and international bodies as major advocates of last area of Amazon rainforest of Eastern Amazonia. As the true guardians of the forest have suffered since 2008 with 5 leaders murdered, 14 Indians assaulted (physically and with lead bullets), 2 villages overrun, about 8 and 12 leaders Rangers threatened or marked for death.

The result of the work done by the people KA’APOR culminated in 3 major Meetings held by the people with the definition of a roommate agreement internal to the inner life improve on the threats of foreign culture, the Management Council referendum Ka apor with the Tuxá Ka apor; beginning of Preparation or planning your life plan (Janderuhã ha ka’a rehe our forest is our life plan); control and health management by the people; Differentiated education project for basic education (Ka namõ eha jumu Katulearning from the forest) with the management performed by the natives who come encountering some resistance by the Department of education of the State of Maranhão; closing of 24 branches of loggers, creating protected areas 07 Ka affix in defense of the territory and establishment of Agroforestry Ka apor in protected areas while preserving 85% of the forest area of the territory and approximately 15% was devastated and degraded and is being reclaimed by indigenous people.
Before all this, this project is going through constant threats by the aggressors of the surroundings, great designs, miners, loggers, cattle and some government agencies that do not recognize the important work that the natives are performing for our existence on this planet, the potential of the people, their leaders, their management and decision-making bodies, especially the Council of Management Ka ‘ affix being questioned , attacked and threatened to be dismissed by the tutelary and not recognized by other agencies of the Government of the State of Maranhão and some federal ones.
The loggers have announced this week that will invade Indian land High Turiaçu. The people are seized and fear new conflict.
We’re all Guarany, Kaiowa, Terena, Tupinambá, Munduruku, Ka apor.
No more violence to people originating in that country.
Please report more of such violence.

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