Session: the 149.2.55 Time: 2:56 pm stage: OD
Date: 6/15/2016



Concern about the impacts of the recent creation of environmental conservation units and demarcation of indigenous reservations in the State of Amazonas.


Mr. MARCOS ROTTA (Block/PMDBAM. Statement forwarded by the speaker.) Mr President, Ladies And Gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen Members, I appreciate the opportunity to comment. Come to this rostrum once again split with the noble colleagues and with the brazilian society my concern with the transformation of 2.83 million hectares in environmental conservation units in the State of Amazonas. The decrees, signed by the President away from Rousseff in the lights of his Government, passed over an agreement between ICMBio, Deputies, Senators, State representatives, councilmen and farmers of the municipalities affected, whereby the creation of reserves would not occur before conducting wide-ranging debate with civil society. With the creation of five new reserves and the expansion of another, thousands of rural producers were disadvantaged families.
Reservations occupy lands from the municipalities of Apuí, Novo Aripuanã, Manicoré and Borba Maués. Together, they are the territory of the State of Alagoas. In addition to this decision, the former Minister of Justice, Eugene Aragon, authorized the establishment of two indigenous territories in the municipalities of Autazes and Careiro da Várzea. These areas are inhabited by families for over 100 years producing and there is no history of conflict. Such Municipalities consolidate itself as a sustainable agricultural production pole. South of the Amazon, in turn, is currently the largest dairy basin in the State.
Therefore, the economic and social impact of the demarcations is extremely high. The Federal Government has funded various investments in rational development in these Municipalities. We, parliamentarians of the State, were wanted for a Committee made up of representatives of the Federation of Agriculture and livestock of the State of Amazonas and the Rural Union of southern Amazonas. The producers have made a point of mentioning that they are not against the creation of protected areas, either unfavorable to demarcation of indigenous lands. But they question the violation of agreements, the lack of dialogue and the inconsistency of Dilma Rousseff, which authorized investments in areas, to then make them untouchable.
The representatives seeking political support for President Michel Temer and the current Minister of Justice, Abdul, re-examine the question the acts in question, with the purpose of revoking the demarcation of indigenous lands and, with regard to protected areas, which will prevail the creation of these reservations in perimeter or location that will not compromise the permanence of rural families in the areas public appliances and existing enterprises and with the permission of the Government.
Was what you had to say.
Thank you.,%20PMDB-AM

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