Funai militarized

“Party of the leader of the government to fear in the chamber, André Moura, indicated the general peternelli for the post of President of the national Indian Foundation (Funai). ” Peternelli was indicated by André Moura And Romero jucá. It’s a reactionary that seeks to destroy the achievements and advances of indigenous policy “, Pimento criticized by Twitter; peternelli was a candidate for the federal member for the psc of São Paulo in the 2014 elections, but didn’t get to be elected, is defender of the military dictatorship.” Paulo Pimenta


National Human Rights Forum for democracy launches note of rejection of indication of Peternelli for the Funai

6/29/2016 7:09 pm

The National Human Rights Forum for democracy meeting this Wednesday (29) in the House of representatives, expresses his outrage at the nomination, not yet effective, the General booking Roberto Peternelli for the position of President of the National Indian Foundation (Funai). Assigned to the PSC, party by which disputed parliamentary elections in Sao Paulo, a con man for such an important military function in the system of protection and promotion of human rights is foolish and ridiculous.

This statement is an attack on the indigenous peoples of Brazil, which for centuries awaiting repair for genocide against they moved by the Brazilian State, is the Union of military authoritarianism with religious fundamentalism in Funai space, strategic constituted for the defence of their rights. The real dilemmas of Funai, claiming its institutional strengthening, budgeting and professional, are not covered with this physiological indication.

Out Temer

Outside Peternelli

Human Rights Democracy

Rights of indigenous peoples are non-negotiable on the counter of govern-ability.


Funai CPI cancels testimony of indigenous leadership of the Amazon

6/15/2016-1:32 pm

The Parliamentary Committee of inquiry (CPI) aimed at investigating the performance of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform (Incra) in the demarcation of indigenous lands and Maroon canceled the public hearing to hear testimony today from Chief of the indigenous land Mask, in the region of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas, Álvaro Fernandes Sampaio (Álvaro Tukano).

The statement has not yet been rescheduled.

The Essay-MT

 ‘Chamber News Agency
6/29/2016-9:21 pm

Social movements create Forum of debate to prevent backsliding on human rights.

Indigenous rights
About 30 representatives of social movements spoke at the meeting of the Board, expressing several concerns. The Uma Tukano Indian denounced the scrapping of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and the news about the possible appointment of a general (Robert Peternelli) you’ve done praise military dictatorship to command the body.

“I usually talk to my father that I don’t want to have a death list with the name of my indigenous brothers, just like he has all those who fell in the process of democratization of the country. The coup against indigenous peoples taking place on several fronts, “said Dahal Tukano.

Among the proposals are the occupation of organs that are the target of social rights and the mobilization of the population on the streets.

Racial equality
The Minister away from the Secretary of Racial Equality, Nilma Lino, cited advances of the last 13 years in policies directed to women, youth and racial equality. “There was recognition, representation, visibility and building policies for these areas. That’s all that conservative blow wave does not accept, “said Lino.

She added that the extinction of the ministries mainly affects the subject of rights and policies that these folders represent.


 ‘Chamber News Agency


Funai CPI performs due diligence in Bahia State this week


The Parliamentary Committee of inquiry (CPI) aimed at investigating the performance of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform (Incra) in the demarcation of indigenous lands and quilombolas performs due diligence from this Wednesday (29) until Saturday (02) in the city of ilheus Bahia and environs.

In addition to members of the CPI, a technical team of servers will participate in due diligence. The request was made by Mrs Teresa Cristina (PSB-MS). She states that the steps will enable more speed in finding facts, in addition to providing information to members invite relevant persons to be heard in public hearings promoted by the Commission.

The CPI has been to the States of Pará and from Santa Catarina to check land and indigenous issues.

The Essay-MT

 ‘Chamber News Agency



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