A general in Funai: another attack on indigenous rights

July 2016


The escalating offensive against indigenous peoples in National Congress could win a fearful reinforcement in the next few days, with the indication of a general reserve for the President of Funai. Another shock against rights already ignited by the interim Government of Michel Temer.

In the curriculum of Roberto Peternelli, quota for the PSC and its Evangelical Caucus, no rows even on any commitment or knowledge on the subject. On the other hand, its manifestations in social networks in favor of scams-the 1964 as the day that Brazil got rid of communism, and the now. The parallels between the two strikes reinforce.

The possible appointment of another general for the Funai re-inaugurates body control in the hands of the military and revive a cruel history of guardianship based on violence, indigenous question treatment as a national security issue and as an obstacle to development says.

The past that haunts us, or should haunt us from dictatorship and Funai commanded by his generals and colonels, is filled with examples of do wrap the stomach and embarrass us as a nation.

An indication of the general Peternelli for the Presidency of Funai was criticized and rejected by indigenous leaders and representatives of civil society organizations linked to the indigenous movement. To Cleber Buzatto, Executive Secretary of the Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi), the mere suggestion of the general’s name represents a step backwards, and he predicts reaction on the part of indigenous peoples. “We believe that any appointment shows the insensitivity of the insurgent Government of Temer with the indigenous question, and is a clear demonstration that the Government retroactive in action of the Brazilian State with the indigenous peoples.”

For Marcela Vecchione, the nucleus of Amazonian Studies the University of Pará (NAEA-UFPA), general Peternelli belongs to a institutional time reiterated, in weapons and acts, the structuring of State racism, to perpetrate the genocide and ethnocide of various peoples and indigenous people. This, according to the researcher, based on the discourse of sovereignty and national security.

“A brutal reality, institutional and direct, that didn’t need nor the poetic license of the large projects, because the suspension of his own humanity of indigenous peoples was one of the ways to express the absence and the denial of democracy also in the sense of other policies. Is a ravenous violence such nomination after disclosure of the reports of the National Truth Commission, “says Marcela.

Iara Pietricovsky, an anthropologist and the Steering Committee of the Institute of economic studies (Inesc), considers outrageous indicate a general to command of Funai. “It’s more of a stain to the history of the struggle of the indigenous peoples in Brazil. A general is not the answer, never was, never will be. “

The National Human Rights Forum for democracy and the articulation of indigenous peoples of Brazil issued notes (read here and here) repudiating the indication of a military man to command the Funai, which is without a President since the beginning of June, when the former Senator João Pedro Gonçalves (EN) was exonerated by the interim Government.

The fact that the indication of a general symbolic to take care of Funai, in addition to other acts of executive power that make up a clear framework of indigenous rights.

1) provisional measure 731, to end with the positions in the Commission, called the, putting in its place the Commission able Executive Functions to be performed by servers, radically disrupts the Funai which have an important weight their human capacity guaranteed by professionals with of without linking. This, too, because the holding of tenders for this organ, among others, was systematically deprecated by successive administrations;

2) provisional measure 727, to compel the organs that are triggered by Ibama to grant licenses and permissions to enable infrastructure projects to tap, will force a Funai totally flattened in its institutional capacity and commanded by a general to issue opinions in favor of projects that potentially caused further massacres and violations of indigenous rights;

3) to these structural measures adds-if freezing for 90 days of the expenditure of the Ministry of Justice (except for spending on the Olympics, and payroll policy) performed by the gatehouse in 611, which directly affects the work of the institution, in particular in meeting the demands of the indigenous communities.

In terms of the joints between the interim Government and the Congress must remember the Alliance with the “ruralists” who demanded as the main trading currency to support the coup to support approval of the PEC 215. The frame is complete, finally, with the CPI of Funai, which against all evidence and testimony to the contrary, will have enough votes of “ruralists” and its allies, among them members of the PSC of the general Peternelli, to approve a report that, by all indications, it will promote more a spectacle of horrors criminalizing and concluded more than 100 people between indigenous leaders quilombo, and anthropologists.



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