Indigenous ask countries to suspend imports of Brazilian commodities

TiagoMiotto -usembassybrasil

photo Tiago Miotto -usa embassy brasil

About of 150 indigenous leaders were on Tuesday morning (5) on avenida das nações, in Brasilia (DF). In several embassies, they delivered a document denouncing the “ruralists” attacks against their rights and calling on foreigners to suspend imports of Brazilian commodities. The indigenous ask that importing countries affect the purchase of Brazilian agri-business products to the change of attitude of the “ruralists” and their representative bodies.

Initially, we inform the embassies the situations that the indigenous peoples come suffering because of agribusiness. Export helps fund the agribusiness, then funds the genocide of our people, the “pistolagem” that comes attacking and injuring our leadership and finances actually the death of our people, “says Kâhu Pataxó. “So, we’re delivering that information and ask that they can engage in dialogue with the Government and with companies in their countries, so that these exports that they do have conditions: that they are not made in indigenous areas, which are not from this situation of massacre of the indigenous peoples, so that we can ensure the lives of our people.”

In the morning, the Indians visited the embassies of Portugal, Russia, United States, Netherlands, Canada, France and China. In the document filed with the embassies, the original peoples denounce the attacks of the “ruralists”, articulated through the parliamentary front Agropecuária (FPA) and the Institute Think Farming (IPA), against their constitutional rights. The letter cites as an example of this articulation the recent Positive 2016/2017 Tariff of the FPA and the IPA, claims set delivered to Vice President Michel Temer before removal of Dilma Rousseff.

Among measures such as deterioration of slave labor and the release of land purchase for companies with foreign capital, some 38 organizations and entities that make up the FPA and the IPA claim, an item called “property rights and legal certainty”, the approval of the proposed constitutional amendment (PEC) 215 and the revision of demarcations of Indian lands among other measures contrary to indigenous rights.

The Indians also denounced the diplomats the attacks that have been carried out against communities and leaders, as in the case of the recent massacre of Caarapó. “There is a very well established organization in conducting these attacks” say in the document, citing the “explicit incitement to hatred and the use of violence against indigenous peoples made by two deputies exponents FPA members”.

Let’s hope the answers later, but we started to disclose what happens to us. Lack of respect for our rights, indigenous rights, right to come and go, right to land, the right to live peacefully within their territory, the criminalization, the murders, everything is getting away with it and nobody knows. Putting this outside of Brazil, you’re showing the face of how Brazil deals with people, “says Mary Afolabi, Chief of the indigenous land Tupinambá from Olivença.

Don’t contribute to the continuity of the theft of our lands, the imprisonment and death of our leaders “, calling the natives, at the end of the document that calls for the establishment of a moratorium on the import of agricultural commodities.

Delegation in Brasilia

The Act brought together indigenous peoples delegation leaders Pataxó, Tupinambá from Olivença, Tupinambá of Belmonte and Tumbalalá, which left different regions of Bahia and should remain throughout this week in Brasilia, and indigenous teachers from all regions of the country, who are in Brasilia this week to the National Forum on Indigenous Education.

During the week, the indigenous delegation from Bahia will perform various agendas in organs of the Legislature, the judiciary and the Executive. Despite the predominance of peoples from the South, southern and Northern Bahia in action this morning, the claims have not been submitted only on behalf of these people. “As people are hit and our relatives as well, we did a document on behalf of all the people, because the pain of our relatives is our pain too,” says Kâhu Pataxó.


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