guarani kaiowa

Friends and friends, if you care about the welfare of your family, relatives and friends, then you have to share this video to urgent that some authority, some government of another country see through the views of this video. Because almost every day the deaths and invasions of indigenous lands, farmers and politicians mixed with but some authorities are invading the land of this people, this race that God himself hid them in rural areas to preserve forests. What happens is that the Indians are being killed almost every day like animals because of the greed of the man who practice all kinds of violence with this people. There’s a big deforesting the earth is crying because they’re pulling her what is good for our own good, because we depend on the kill and plants that make the photosynthesis and give us oxygen and hydrogen, is what we breathe and perspire. Without saying that the materials used with the wood taken from nature are used in factories that distribute various quantities of different gases affecting the ozone layer. This layer is already being allocated to a long time for this gas. This is exactly why the sun is hot but every day and that the day you’re going through but quick. Thanks to this ozone layer of the earth retains 100 %, Only 7 percent of the light of the sun. Is she (C. Questions) that protects us from Ultraviolet rays of the sun’s Violet.
Anyway to sum up the earth is asking for a favor that’s for our own good, global warming is each day but strong. The greenhouse effect is not by chance.
The Government of the United States cares too much about this heating and they know that the Amazon Forest here in Brazil is the heart of the earth they even pension in sending forces to help keep this piece which is already in extinction. And the worst of all is that they don’t so knowing what’s going on here in Brazil. Because almost every day farmers invade lands of the Indians, kill, and the media doesn’t show because politicians influence regions and so they don’t let the money go buying these animals.
And the only one. Only one. Only one. (only) way to get that news that Indians who take care of forests, and that the woods are being killed together, it is sharing this video. And others who really care will search and share. Because what happens is very serious. Let us unite people. But all together we are strong. Please share. Mind with the earth and with the indigenous people because it is thanks to them that we have food, home remedies and pharmacists and many things for the health of all.
Here I show my concern and my love for all. If you don’t love me and don’t even like me, at least show love for yourself and for your family and share. Share share.
God will bless you greatly each and every person who really care with what’s going on.
A hug to you all my friends and brothers
: Abel Assunção


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