CPI Funai/Incra: “Ruralists” cheat vote and approve request with secret content

Wednesday, 06 July 2016

Incredulity, bewilderment and anger. These are the feelings of the workers party members who participated in this Wednesday (6) of the CPI of Funai/Incra, which passed, even without a majority vote, the application 292/16 by Mr Nilson Leitão (PSDB-RS), whose content was not even revealed to the members of the Board. So off the record, some parliamentarians took note of the document asks the sigils (banking and fiscal) of institutions and activists who defend the indigenous cause.

The deputies accused the President of PT CPI, Mr Alceu Moreira (PMDB-RS), collegiate’s rapporteur, Mr Nilson Leitão, and the ruralist countertop, call hit the internal rules of the House, and even the Constitution itself, to approve a request without the disclosure of the contents and fraudulently. During the secret session, with only the presence of parliamentarians, several PT stated that, in the vote, the most votes was the rejection of the application and that the President of the CPI did not recognize the result and declared the document approved.

For members Adelmo Lion (MG) and Sandy Tatto (SP), holders of the Board, the approval of the claim “reserved” is a new type of scam practiced against marginalized sectors of society.
“This vote was a farce, and is an extension of the scam that is going on in that Brazil, a blow against democratic institutions, a blow against the Indians, a blow against the small, and a blow against those who are not protected under the umbrella of the” ruralists “” accused Adelmo Lion.

“Today’s session exemplifies the operation of the CPI as a whole. A secret that was voted in a meeting convened disobeying the rules of procedure, which provides 24 hours in advance. If we didn’t know the content of the application, how can we vote for it? “asked Sandy Tatto.

During the meeting, several members PT tried to convince the President of the CPI about the need to reveal the content of the application “reserved”. Despite the appeals, the President said the document was available to all the members of the Board in the Secretariat of the CPI, and that “had no obligation to read the content. For the indignation of the parliamentarians of the PT, and the PSOL, or when the session has become secret-even with the interruption of transmission by TV Camera-the content of the request was disclosed.

According to Sandy Tatto, would be on the list of the breach of the Indigenous Missionary Council  (CIMI), the Centro de Trabalho Indigenista (CTI), the socio-environmental Institute (ISA), the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (ABA), as well as other entities and activists linked to the defense of the indigenous cause.

To Mrs Erika Kokay (PT-DF) the behavior of the President of the Board and of the “ruralists” members of CPI, demonstrates the lack of appreciation for democracy and respect the ethnic diversity of the country.

“It is unacceptable within the democratic State of law, voting on a request of unknown content, which even was read during the secret session, and even fraudulently. Is the will seen. If someone had a doubt that the coup if restrict the figure of President Dilma, now you can be sure the proliferation of the coup. We are living in a time of golpe mania, blow after blow, “protested Erika.

During the debate which preceded the vote, Mr Valmir Assunção (PT-BA) revealed the tactic of “ruralist” in hiding the content of the application.

“In fact, want to approve a secret application because there is no justification for this. I don’t want to put a thumbprint on approval of an injustice, not to take responsibility “, Asunción.

Although still not decide the way forward, the workers party promise that they will appeal the decision made in the CPI.

Also attended the meeting MEPs PT Marcon (RS), Patrus Ananias (MG), John Daniel (SE) and the President of the Human Rights Commission, father John (MG) .

Heber Cepeda



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