Cunha, current Brazilian political system, dengue and zika

Rapporteur on CCJ recommends voting annulled against Eduardo Cunha
Parliamentarians are criticisms of the current Brazilian political system
House extends actions against dengue and mosquito zika

Distribution of insect repellents to combat the Aedes aegypti and new tax rules and doping control for the 2016 Olympics were the themes of the two interim measures approved by the House on Tuesday night. The report is the Radio camera. Follow.
The first is intended for actual 420,000,000 to combating the microcephaly and mosquito of dengue, zika virus and chicungunya fever. Are 300,000,000 to purchase repellents for pregnant women served by the Bolsa Família, 70,000,000 to support the armed forces in the fight against mosquito, and 50,000,000 dollars for research aimed at treatment and diagnosis of zika virus. The Rapporteur of the MP, Mrs Leandre, the PV of Paraná, States that the purchase of insect repellents will benefit thousands of Brazilians.
Leandre: we’re estimating 200,000 pregnant women who may have this protection, as soon as they detect the pregnancy, which is often on the second, third month, until the end. As Brazil does not yet have knowledge of the disease, the protection of these pregnant women is very important.
The other provisional measure approved changes tax rules and doping control for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The proposal determines, for example, the creation of the anti-doping and Sports Justice establishes Brazilian authority’s powers of doping control, how to conduct the tests and manage the results. According to the rapporteur, Mr Celso Jacob, the PMDB in Rio de Janeiro, the goal of the MP is to treat the whole process of doping control, adjusting the Brazil international rules.
Celso Jacob: She is focused on the Olympics. The part of doping control, which then develops into laboratories, import of products, control, standardization, adequacy of everything that is done in the international doping control standards for our here. So it’s going to be a doping control of Brazil, but adapted to international standards. The two following provisional measures to analyze the Senate. Chamber radio of Brasilia, Paula Bittar.
The Plenary also extended by 15 days, of the day on July 2, the period of operation of the CPI of Carf. The Carf is an agency of the Ministry of finance who judges fined companies resources by Receita Federal. According to the Zealots, the Federal Police Operation, a sale of sentences in the body caused a loss of 19 billion reais to the public coffers.
Must be voted on soon the action of unconstitutionality of the Act regulating the vaquejada as sport and cultural in Ceará. Defender of the sport, Kaio Maniçoba, the PMDB, explained that the vaquejada has cultural and economic importance in various parts of the country.
Kaio Maniçoba added that the activity generates income and employment. For him, what’s missing is a greater dissemination of the sport to finish with a twisted society printing.
Worried about the progress of the CPI of Incra and Funai, John Daniel, EN de Sergipe, assessed that the members of the Commission want to harm the Indians and farmers without resources. In the opinion of the Member, there is interest by the federal Government, ruralist and countertop conservative sectors for this to occur.
John Daniel criticized the proposal to transfer the Executive to the legislature the final say over the demarcation of indigenous lands. He condemned still CPI’s attempt to criminalize the defenders of the Indians and of the workers in the field to reach leaders of the Catholic Church in the Indigenous Missionary Council.
Paulão, EN de Alagoas, criticized the appointment of a general of the army reserve to preside over the Funai. According to the Deputy, is unacceptable to appoint a defender of the military period of 1964 to manage a body directed at minorities.
According to Farid, the general is a person who does not respect democracy and, therefore, cannot be part of a Government that follows the democratic State of law. For him, the military shouldn’t even have been considered for the position.
Concerned about the growing violence in Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro, Luiz Sérgio, PT, charged a more rigorous action from the public authorities. The Congressman pointed out that even the Mayor of the municipality was the victim of attempted murder last year.
Luiz Sérgio pointed out that has become routine the depredation of public assets of Paraty. The representative pointed out that the town is tourism, mainly because of the international literary Fair, and that crime cannot tarnish the reputation of the city.
Keiko Ota, the PSB of São Paulo, lamented the high levels of violence against children and adolescents registered in Brazil. According to data released by MEP, 29 young people are killed a day. The study is from the Latin American Faculty of social sciences, Flacso.
The lawmaker also called for attention to cases of aggression in schools. For Keiko Ota, the presence of psychologists in educational institutions is essential for it to be given the proper treatment in cases of violence. The Congressman still highlighted the realization of the international seminar of the Legal framework of the early childhood, on camera.
Delegate Edson Moreira, the PR of Minas Gerais, criticized the impunity in the country. He cited the case of the brother of goalkeeper Bruno, on the news by declaring the location of the remains of Eliza Samúdio.
Mr think absurd goalkeeper’s brother, who was arrested for the crime of rape, has been released to go back to commit the offence, which happened on three occasions. Edson Moreira delegate regretted the money spent to keep a criminal in jail without chance of rehabilitation.
Arnaldo Jordy, the PPS of Bahia, lamented the sixty Brazil placement in the world ranking of quality of education, carried out by the Organization for economic cooperation and development, the OECD, which includes 76 countries.
For Jordy, Arnaldo billion diverted in tax evasion prevents advancement in school improvement. Mr compared the ranking of education with the economical, since Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world. It’s disappointing for him one of the ten largest planet forward powers in education.
The Government of Pernambuco has launched the Integrated Education programme. Danilo Cabral, PSB’s, pointed out that the idea is to help improve the performance of elementary school, expanding the partnership between the State Government and the municipalities.
Danilo C believes the program will ensure the continuity of the good educational indices reached by Pernambuco, as the fourth place in the national ranking of the basic education development index, and the State with lower truancy.
Bacelar, the PTN of Bahia, attributed to a fundamentalist wave the gender issues of the National Education Plan, the PNE, and also of the State and municipal education plans. For the Congressman, the fight against discrimination is essential in building a more just and egalitarian society.
The understanding of the State cannot Bacelar, if guided by moral and religious convictions. He defended the resumption of debate to the issue of gender will be included in educational plans.
Ends today in Rio de Janeiro, the largest information technology event in the country. According to Susan de Sá, of the PSDB in Santa Catarina, the participants in the Rio Info are discussing investments and advances in the area. Mrs defended the regulation of specialized services YOU chain.
UMA das congratulated the Evangelical churches of Brazil that completed 105 years. She also recorded the 25 years of the sky, which is the meeting of women as pastors of Santa Catarina, highlighting the work that has been developed for them.
Was held in Brasilia, the second National Conference on technical assistance and Rural extension on family farming and Agrarian reform. Ahmed oak, EN do Piauí, explained that the purpose of the event is to strengthen social participation in the formulation of public policies geared to the rural environment.
The Congressman pointed out that another theme debated at the Conference was the extinction of the Ministry of agrarian development. According to Ahmed, the Government’s decision in exercise threatens about of 5000 families that depended on the actions of the old folder.
Iracema Portella, the PP do Piauí, regretted the death of two artists Piauí, Junior brothers Araújo and Bruno Queiroz, in car accident. The project, approved at the distinguished parliamentary Chamber, which increased the prison sentence for anyone who causes a traffic accident with death.
Iracema Portella praised the current law, but asked for advances in theme, with the intensification of educational campaigns and other awareness-raising actions. For the Congressman, the clarification about the risks of drinking and driving must be frequent and in all Brazil.
Ash rock, the PMDB, if became part with the families of the victims of the crash on the BR-135, in Perizes camp, in Maranhão, noting that the words should be duplicated. He demanded that the Comptroller General shall audit the contract between the DNIT and the consortium responsible for the construction of the highway.
Mr praised the interim Government, which promised and resumed on the last day of July 4, the doubling of federal highway. Marc Ramirez pointed out that the same promise had been made by previous management and, however, has not been met.
Ramirez, of the PSDB of Acre, returned to report the investment of two billion reais in construction of only 420 kilometers of the BR-364. According to him, the DNIT estimates that it would take a billion and a half dollars for the completion of the federal highway. The Congressman criticized the State Government for what he considers poor management.
He considers disrespectful to the people in fraud scheme acriano construction of low-income houses within the Secretariat of State Housing. Rock requires strict verification of the case, which harms the needy families.
Luiz Carlos Hauly, PSDB, suggested the creation of a National Bank of prices of goods and services. According to the Congressman, the goal is to fix the maximum prices in government contracts, which involve direct or indirect.
Luiz Carlos Hauly stated that it is necessary to eliminate the illegal agreements between suppliers participating in procurement processes. He also presented the proposal to establish the Bank of prices to the Acting President, Michel Temer, and expects the support of parliamentarians.
Worried about the crisis of Rio de Janeiro, Indio da Costa, of the PSD, requested federal intervention in the State administration. According to the Deputy, only the Union may give some balance to the river management.
According to the Indian Coast, there are conditions for the State Government to maintain basic public services such as the operation of hospitals, schools, and honor with the payment of the servers. For the Member, without the action of the Union, the situation in the State is progressive impairment of public order.
Zé Geraldo, PT, criticized how the interim Government of Michel Temer has led the brazilian policy. He said that the President cut funding that harm the poorest and invested in populist actions.
For Zé Geraldo, announced the federal Government’s interim adjustment is not true. The Deputy ordered the transfer of 2.9 billion reais in Rio de Janeiro by means of an interim measure. He charged more investments to the Stop, with the resumption of the paving works of the trans-Amazon highway.
Duarte Nogueira, PSDB São Paulo, condemned the criticism to a journalist from the Folha de s. Paulo that, in his article, close to the month of August, when it is scheduled to vote on the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the end of the mandate of the President away.
According to Duarte Nogueira, the journalist identified a central command in online messages against your text. The Congressman called the critics of mobsters. He said that respect the different opinions must be maintained so that the discussion is productive and democracy, preserved.
Irajá Abreu, the PSD of Tocantins, highlighted technical visits he made to many municipalities in the State. The congressman attended meeting with other politicians and the population of cities such as Buriti, Tocantinópolis and Esperantina.
Irajá Abreu thanked the care received by the citizens of tocantinenses and promised to continue the visits and meetings in other cities. The Congressman has promised to fight for the demands of the population. For him, the Brazilians want a new project for the country and the change of course in politics.
When doing an analysis of the current political and social scenario in the country, Rodrigo Pacheco, of the PMDB of Minas Gerais, has assessed that there is today an excess of intolerance. He recalled that, to live in a democratic country, it is necessary to enhance the policy and diversity.
Rodrigo Pacheco: there is a cost to live in a democratic State of law. Because it does not allow for violations of fundamental rights in order to achieve a goal. Don’t tolerate the absolutism, the dictatorship of any power or the satisfaction at any cost of media interests. In it, you must abide by the law, strictly the law. That is to say: do what’s right. In it, the ends do not justify the means.
Rodrigo Pacheco stressed that Parliament should set an example to society and take important decisions for the country with balance and partisan independence. To the Member, if there is more discernment and sobriety in the debates of Congress, Brazil will advance in democracy.
The Brazil live an unprecedented crisis involving the three powers of the Republic. The opinion is Luiza Erundina, Sao Paulo PSOL, which laments the involvement of members of Parliament and senators in illegalities, the low level of the debates in the House of representatives, and promiscuity between the legislature and the Executive who, to her, represents the breakdown of the Coalition presidentialism.
Luiza Erundina: our bankrupt Coalition presidentialism is a barter system of favors, shielded in relation to popular demands, requiring a wide parliamentary majority to ensure governability. Most that that requires endless negotiations, not always, always costly Republican for brazilian population.
Luiza Erundina also criticized the interim Government of Michel Temer finished with achievements, such as the Ministry of women, Racial Equality, Human rights and the Ministry of Social Welfare.
Proposal of amendment to the Constitution by Shéridan, of the PSDB of Roraima, limits the access of parties to the Partisan Background and radio and TV time. According to Mrs, the goal is to reduce the amount spent on the bottom.
Shéridan still criticized the excessive political parties that, for her, diminish the credibility of party institutions. Mrs advocated a comprehensive reform policy, citing the crisis of representativeness that lives the Country.
Was presented today, on Constitution and Justice Committee of the Chamber, the opinion recommending the annulment of the vote which determines the term of Office of the President himself away Eduardo Cunha.
The rapporteur, Mr Ronaldo Fonseca, of the Federal District, understood that the way the vote is not provided for in the rules of procedure of the Board. Follow the story.
As there was no request for vista, next week the report must be voted. If approved, the vote of the Board of Ethics will have to be redone. But if rejected, the appeal by Mr Eduardo Cunha must be decided by the plenary. Congressman Ronaldo Fonseca said, who voted his conscience and legal training, but caused some outrage among members of the Council, because he was speaking out in defence of Eduardo Cunha, and they should not have been the Rapporteur of this feature. But Ronaldo Fonseca defended himself saying he did a technical report. He stressed that it is not judge whether Mr Eduardo Cunha has offshore account, or if the source of the resources is illegal, but whether or not there was trouble in the report of the Board of ethics. For him, there were no problems, since the roll-call vote on the Board of Ethics was irregular.
Ronaldo Fonseca: thus, the vote, the way it was made, and does not find support in regimental standard, concrete injury to the appellant generated, so that their annulment is a measure that imposes itself. In this respect, therefore, the appeal must be taken to counter the opinion poll held on April 6/14/2016, and another be conducted with strict adherence to the rules of regulations.
The problem, for Ronaldo Fonseca, is that a roll-call vote in the case of an impeachment process of a member could result in a herd effect-namely, those members who vote for the latter will be influenced by who voted first, and the result can be distorted. Deputy Alessandro Molon (network-RJ), one of the authors of the representation against Eduardo Cunha, said the vote was made at the request of the members of the Board, and that no one objected to the vote. As the rules were already known, Molon believes that the Defense has no reason.
Alessandro Molon: we agree with the rejection of the other 14 attempts to abort the process, but at this point that the rapporteur takes, in all candor, it is unacceptable that the opinion is approved at this point. In no time, the rules of procedure of the Chamber says the vote will only be made when the electronic system is broken.
The CCJ should meet next Monday to vote on the report. The extraordinary meeting was the decision of the President of the CCJ, Deputy Osmar Serraglio (PMDB-PR), who answered the request of members. In this way the resource can be voted on CCJ, and-if applicable-go to Plenary as early as next week, before the parliamentary recess. Chamber radio of Brasilia, Marcello Larcher.
Severino Nest, the PSB of Pernambuco, assessed as shameful the delay in completing the request for impeachment of the President away from the Camera, Eduardo Cunha. He lamented the favourable opinion given by the rapporteur wedge of appeal presented by peemedebista the CCJ.
Severino asked Nest that the impeachment vote by the House before the July recess. For him, Eduardo Cunha have exhausted legal attempts to postpone the decision on the case and the possibility of annulment of the vote in the Council of ethics thwarts the population.


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