Funai:Alexandre de Moraes (Justice), Government seeks ‘ other type of profile.’


General indicated by the PSC for Funai will not be named, says Minister
According to Alexandre de Moraes (Justice), Government seeks other type of profile.’
Indians protested against official indication recently that supported dictatorship.
The Minister of Justice, Abdul said on Wednesday (5), after meeting with indigenous leaders, the general of the reserve Sebastian Roberto Peternelli junior, indicated by the PSC for the Presidency of the National Indian Foundation (Funai), will not assume the post because the Government seeks someone with other type of profile.
The general led to a meeting on the afternoon of Thursday, in the Highlands, between Mathew, Eliseu Padilha Ministers (Civil), Geddel Vieira Lima (Secretary of Government) and indigenous leaders.
In Exchange for the support of the PSC in the National Congress, the Government had agreed that it would behoove the party indicate a name for the Presidency of the organ, and the caption suggested Peternelli Jr. The information that the general was appointed to the organ, linked to the Ministry of Justice, was released on the fourth edition of the newspaper Folha de s. Paulo.
There is no veto personnel indicated by the PSC, but won’t be he the President of Funai, because we’ve been in negotiation with other type of profile and put it in the meeting [the Indians]. We are looking for a profile that has already a historical profile of dialogue with indigenous communities to what we are planning, “said the Minister.
Before the meeting on the plateau, the Ministry of Justice came to post a note to the press in which he said that there has been no invitation for general President of Funai.
There’s no place reserved for party in particular, authority or Foundation registry of the Ministry of Justice. What they can do is indicate people with good resumes, qualified people. Now, between the indication, the analysis and the choice there is a pretty big distance, as in this case today, “he added.
Sought for the G1, the advice of the PSC said the party received with naturalness that the general will be appointed to the Funai and that fact does not change the relationship of the party with the Government.
Asked whether the general indication for Funai had been an error, Alexandre de Moraes returned the question to reporters: “it would be a mistake?.
In assessing the Minister, there are people with “total condition to occupy some positions, but, at certain times, each manager looks up certain profiles”. That’s what happened, he added.
On Wednesday, the possible appointment of Junior Peternelli sparked controversy on social networks because he made a publication on Facebook on March 31, the date of the military coup of 1964, with the following content: Save on March 31. 52 years, Brazil has been free of the bloody communism!!! Long live our brave military. The Brazil will never be communist “. In other publications, however, from 2014, he went on to say that he saw reason for military intervention in the country because Brazil has institutions that work “normally.
Indications of Indians
According to Alexandre de Moraes, there is among the nominees for the Presidency of the Funai names submitted by indigenous leaders but, so far, he said, those names taken to face a hurdle because the Government wants to appoint someone who has broad dialogue with all the communities of the country.
And there is also a lack of a largest dialogue [indicated] with the [other] communities, which can lead to a fierce on the demarcation issue [of land],” said the Minister.
The cacique Aruã Pataxó, present at the meeting in the Planalto, noted that the Indians have “commitment and competence” to manage the Funai.
The indigenous leader, however, admitted that, if a technician or a politician with good relationship with the communities take over, it will be good.
Demarcation of lands
According to Alexandre de Moraes, the Ministry of Justice wants to keep the ongoing dialogue with indigenous communities and, therefore, the need to adopt measures to make the policies advance.
Among these policies, he cited the demarcation of lands claimed by indigenous leaders. In the assessment of the Minister, the current model raises delay and impatience and, therefore, need to “speed up the process.

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