July 6 2016

“One more state violence against indigenous peoples”

Natanael Vilharva Caceres4

On the morning of Wednesday (6), In the municipality of Dourados / MS, the Terra Indígena Apyka’i and the nine families that live there were victims of one more state violence with the eviction performed by dozens of cops feds of traditional territory resumed, the last time, in 2013.

Natanael Vilharva Caceres1

For many years the indigenous people of the apyka ‘ I suffer with the precarious situation in which they live in an area of approximately 3 hectares of land, on the side of the road (BR-463), Surrounded by sugar cane, drinking contaminated water and surviving on donations and assistance of funai. Occupy the territory for more than 15 years, between  resume and evictions and have lost nine people, eight victims of roadkill and a poisoned by pesticides.

The violence of the act is evident in reason that the reintegration of today was held a week after the funai edit ordinance establishing working group to demarcation of apyka ‘ I. In addition, it has not been judged the request made by funai srt to so that he would be suspended the injunction.

All that aggravated by the insistence of the magistrate to see executed the order of reintegration of possession. In May the judge requested to the government of Mato Grosso do sul the use of the military police, and the request denied. Then asked the ministry of justice that the National Security Force execute the reintegration, receiving the negative of the minister. So, has determined that the federal police to keep the order of reintegration “under penalty of criminal liability” in case of non-compliance.

Natanael Vilharva Caceres2

As President of the commission of human rights and minorities of the chamber of deputies, we were in apyka ‘ I in discussions with the cacica damiana cabaña, 74 years of age, and visited the little space where your family endures. We were at the cemetery where his nine relatives are buried. We call for action to the president of funai. We ponder before the judge responsible for the implementation of the reintegration of possession, the social dimension of the conflict and the evidence that it is traditional indigenous land. We, too, to the stf speed in the analysis of the request for suspension of the preliminary decision which determined the eviction.

We are still defending the rights of indigenous peoples and we’re on the side of the cacica damiana and your family.

Watch the testimony of the strength of the cacica during the eviction of today:


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 via Paulo Pimenta




Natanael Vilharva Caceres3

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