Land Grab Rancher surrenders

 Operation Rios Voadores: AJ Vilela is stuck in São Paulo

Appointed Chief of the illegal deforestation and land grabs in Pará, the rancher paulista surrendered today to the Federal Police

Operação Rios Voadores: AJ Vilela é preso em São Paulo

Degraded forest area in Pará scheme run by AJ Vilela. Photo: Ibama
The rancher Antonio José Junqueira Vilela Filho, known as AJ Vilela, surrendered today to the Federal Police in Sao Paulo. He was the main target of the operation, triggered by the Rios Voadores, Federal Public Ministry, PF, Brazilian Institute of environment and inland revenue. AJ is appointed as head of an illegal deforestation and land grabs in the State of Pará.
With him are 15 people arrested in the operation. The gang worked from 2012 in the cities of Altamira and Novo Progresso and was commanded by AJ and the brother-in-law, Ricardo Viacava. The two are trapped in the incarceration of PF in São Paulo, as well as Ana Luiza Junqueira Vilela Viacava, AJ‘s sister and wife of Richard. The scheme coordinated by the family moved R$ 1.9 billion between 2012 and 2015 and destroyed 300 square km of forest, an area equivalent to the territory of municipalities as Fortaleza (CE), Belo Horizonte (MG) or Recife (PE).
For these and other crimes, Fredrik figure today as the offender who received fines of greater value already applied by Ibama in the Amazon region (R$ 163,000,000 in ten violation notices), and who is responsible for the largest area already choked by the municipality in the region (300 square kilometers). The environmental damage assessed so far is R$ 420,000,000.
According to the investigations, the group invaded forests on public land, removed and sold the timber of higher value, and after dropping the remaining and active fire kills. In the wasteland was planted grass and installed. To practice these crimes, the criminal organization utilized workmanship subject to conditions similar to those of slaves.
After the consolidation of the pastures, the Group registered the land in rural official environmental records. The records were made in the name of laranjas (people who serve as intermediaries in shady land deals). The pastures, then, were exploited by members of the group or leased to third parties.
Federal prosecutors in Pará
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  1. related~
    7 July 2016 to 4:49 pm
    One more arrested in operation Flying Rivers. Follow fugitive boss of the schema, AJ Vilela

    AJ’s brother-in-law, Ricardo Viacava, was arrested today at Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo, the land of the United States
    One more arrested in operation Flying Rivers. Follow fugitive boss of the schema, AJ Vilela

    Natives and Ibama tax burn chainsaws seized in operation Kayapo, in 2014, giving rise to the flying rivers operation (photo: Ibama)

    Are already 14 people arrested in operation Flying Rivers, triggered last week against a gang that operated from 2012 in the southwest region of Pará, grilando land, exploiting slave labour and clearing illegally for creation and sale of cattle. This morning, Ricardo Viacava, one of the family members who coordinated the scheme, was arrested at the airport of Guarulhos, the land of the United States.

    Yesterday, also at Guarulhos airport, was arrested the wife of Viacava, Ana Luiza Junqueira Vilela Viacava. Remains at large Ana Luiza’s brother, Antonio José Junqueira Vilela, known as AJ or Fredrik, considered the head of the criminal organisation. After the arrest of the Federal Police, Ana Luiza served search and seizure warrant at her house, but it was proven that objects have been removed from the vault, as well as the disappeared the HD with the monitoring by cameras in the House.

    In the telephone interceptions made after the flying rivers operation, Ana Luiza, who initially had no prison declared, was spotted ordering a unidentified man to destroy evidence. For this reason, was arrested. Ricardo Viacava and his wife are trapped in incarceration of PF in São Paulo. If AJ Vel surrenders, Federal prosecutors asked for the inclusion of his name on Interpol’s wanted list.

    The flying rivers operation has joined MPF, Federal Police investigators, Irs and the Brazilian Institute of Environment (Ibama) and served a total of 52 arrest warrants preventive, coercive and conduct searches and seizures in the States of Pará, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

    via MPF

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