Temer postpones auction for construction of power plant on the River Tapajós

Government Temer postpones auction for construction of the plant in the rio Tapajós
Published 12 July 2016 | By Jeso‘s Blog
Franco Ilimar column today in the Globe:
Pressured by Greenpeace and other environmental entities, the Government postponed to August the auction for the construction of the hydroelectric power plant São Luiz de Tapajós, in Pará.
The interim President, Michel Temer, wants to leave to announce the sale of the work, when it’s the President, after the impeachment of President, Dilma Rousseff.
After this step, you will have greater political power and will not give ammunition to his opponents.
The postponement was decided last week, in the meeting which was attended by Temer and Eliseu Padilha Ministers (Civil) and Fernando Bezerra Filho (mining and energy).
Within that period the Minister Sarney Filho (environment) will attempt to stop the Government. He defends the search of other alternatives, such as investment in wind power, stating that the benefit is not worth it, because of the resistance, complaints and protests from environmental and indigenous entities. Sarney adds to this, risks to biodiversity.
The Government‘s strategic plan provides that, after the plant of São Luiz, there will be another in the rio Tapajós, Jatobá.
The federal government project is build around 40 plants in the Amazon. In São Luiz, energy is generated at a power plantplatform that will not have roads.
In it, the employees ‘ access will have to be done by helicopter. The Lake will have 722.25 km ² area. The fall is of 35.9 metres, generating 6,356.4 MW through 31 198 MW turbines and two of 109.2 MW. The annual energy production will be 29,548.8 GW.
Besides environmentalists, Government organs, such as Ibama, Funai and resist work. The area is the natural habitat of indigenous ethnic Munduruku 13000, distributed in 120 villages and claiming the demarcation of their land and access to health services and education.
In addition, the dam will flood Lake national parks in that area. To mask this reality, the House approved, in 2012, MP edited in Government Dilma, which altered the boundaries of many protected areas in the Amazon.

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