Occupation of Indian Museum of Botafogo turns violent

ash 2016july15
Ash Ashaninka


Violência e truculência retiraram os indígenas mulher e bebe de colo ashaninka com ação da segurança armada junto com indígenas fulnio a mando da direção do museu do índio de Botafogo passando por cima de ordem judicial da terceira vara federal

Violence and brutality withdrew the indigenous woman and child of lap ashaninka with action of armed security along with indigenous Fulnio at the behest of the direction of the Indian Museum of Botafogo passing over of court order of the third federal rod.
Ash Ashaninka
1 hr · Indígenas estão com budurnas Pará bater e com violencia
Indigenous people are with budurnas stop beating and with violenceForam rapidos e objetivos. Usaram golpes violentos e um porrete tambem foi usado na agressão.
They were fast and objective. Used violent blows and a club has also been used in the assault.

Deixaram marcas/feridas nos corpos que resistiram.
Have left scars / wounds on their bodies who resisted.

photos via Ash
The Indian Museum, in Rio de Janeiro – Palm Street 55 in botafogo – is occupied by indigenous and supporters of the resistance maracanã village. Are with several claims of fights to the state as the biggest and best indigenous representation in funai (NAC Foundation. The Indian), Fortifying and stepping up its role in the defence of the interests of indigenous peoples as the demarcations of their ancestral lands, in combating predatory invasions of loggers and miners or ruralists – landowners / wheeled with their gunmen torturers and murderers.
– against the pec 215 (National Congress. Brazilian).
– respect the rights of indigenous peoples throughout the national territory.
– enough of racism and genocide!
– Intercultural University village maracanã – autônima, managed by the indigenous people.

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