Pataxó hãhãhãe denounces the demarcated land invasion in Bahia

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Pataxó hãhãhãe denounces the demarcated land invasion in Bahia


7/11/2016 3:36 pm
São Paulo
MulkaBrazil Agency reporter
The Indian pataxó hãhãhãe, Tawary Titiah, Bainã ethnicity, denounced today (11) in the House, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Engajamundo, the area of forest belonging to his village, located in the South of Bahia, in the municipality of Pau Brazil, being invaded at least two weeks. The first signal was given by a family farmer who heard noise of chainsaw in the region and warned a group of young Indians who live the site. Upon arriving at the scene, the crew detected the deforestation.
Our area is 54.1 hectares and to find the location of the deforestation, walked 16 kilometers. When we arrived, we saw some men knocking down trees near the headwaters of the River in supplies and said that there was demarcated area and that they could not do that. They replied that we were nothing, we were animals and we were not owners of anything, “he said.
According to Titihah, the men are already known to the tribe and to realize that they were armed, the Indians decided to leave the place, for fear of the invaders shoot. They came to shoot, but didn’t hit us. We communicate our Chief, who warned the leadership and the Federal Police [PF]. The PF was until then, but found the men, only the trees felled. The Federal Prosecutor has also been reported.
Titiah accompanies the situation by far because shortly after the attack, embarked for São Paulo to participate in a national meeting of young people from Engajamundo, the organization which participates. However, two days ago, he knew that, in addition to the overthrow of the trees burned were invaders in the Woods. They did this to leave no traces. The next day, a good part of the forest was still being burned. They did something well planned, because, in addition to burn to leave no trace, made near the headwaters of the river.
The Indian explained that this is one of the springs that feed the tribe and the only that comes straight from the source. The burned extensive damages the river and its riparian areas. It messes with our life because we don’t know what will be the recovery of nature, which needs a long time to recover. The impact to nature is the imbalance and for us, the indigenous peoples, it’s like they’re burying us because we depend on much of the river .
According to Titiah, living in the village about from 4700 multi ethnic Indians. To the area is legally demarcated and belong to them from 2013.
“They gave me a break when we resumed because the Federal Police were in the area. For at least six months, with the output of the Federal Police, they resumed attacking us. “ Titiah pointed out that the villagers depend on the forest and the placeholders for agriculture, from which they extract their livelihoods, which are threatened by invasions and illegal extraction of wood.
Editing: Nadia Franco

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