To better understand the protests at the Museu do Indio…

To better understand the protests at the Museu do Indio…

The protests that occurred currently are separate and unique from the previous protests held a few years ago. In fact there are two separate buildings altogether.

The museum of the first protests actually housed Indians who come to the city, an informal place for them to acquire assistance integration to the city life. I agree with the  protests which occurred there prior to the Olympic events 2014. It was in fact discovered a monetary diversion from the Museum restructure funding, actions of the FIFA, corruption in the government, etc.

The Museum on Botafogo is in fact a museum of artifacts and records which does not house indians ever, but rather the history and anthropological records pertinant even to the demarcations of lands currently in process.

There is to be considered the violence which occurred against indians in the current situation, which I oppose!

However, I do agree with the reports I have since received in regards to how the Indians of the forest villages have responded to the incident and now post the following…


via Paxton Metuktire


Note of the Indian Museum / Funai about invasion of their facilities
Collections of the museum of the Indian / Funai in danger
Since the 13th of July, on the basis of an invasion, the Indian Museum is closed.
Talk about cultural heritage is to speak of voice, representation, identity, to search for reaffirm a place in the world. It’s 63 years of existence of the Indian Museum.
The scientific body of Funai-cultural is at serious risk. There are more than 24 h without the slightest control of holdings that custody. Ethnographic collections are on various indigenous peoples (the set is more representative of Latin America), Bibliographic (one of the largest libraries specialising in ethnology indigenous in Brazil) and archival documents which are sources of proof of the historical relations between the Brazilian State with indigenous peoples, and is essential in judicial processes of demarcations of land. Documentation of the work carried out by the Indian museum has contributed to the demarcation of more than 200 indigenous lands, in the last 30 years.
In this universe, the whole documentary of the service of protection to the Indians was recognised as the memory of the world by UNESCO IN 2008. In addition, the Indian museum has been tireless in the conduct of projects of documentation of cultures and languages of the indigenous peoples. All projects and collections practices that are being developed in the last decade have fundamental guideline as a participatory approach of indigenous peoples. All these actions count with the direct participation of more than 30 people, having contributed to the formation of 215 indigenous researchers, engaged in documentation projects carried out in partnership with the UNESCO.
The Indian museum has been space of dialogue, sharing of debates, promoted by the dimensions of the current indigenous cultures – currently taught by experts and leaders and indigenous researchers -, Qualifications of holdings, always seeking to know what are the main and diverse needs of indigenous peoples in relation to their heritage, their identity issues. The actions have been thought out towards the strengthening of its cultures to enable the strengthening of their mobilizations in tireless search to ensure their rights.
It is inconceivable and reprehensible what happens today in the Indian Museum. There are six days of occupation – specifically on the night of the 17th, Sunday, there was a harsh invasion – which may end up with decades of work in the service of indigenous peoples and the awareness of society in relation to its cultural diversity. Depredation of fallen gates, break-in of the labour rooms, attempted break-in of the reserves, verbal and physical assault to the staff of the museum and incitement of hatred and disrespect to representatives fulni-Ô, demonstrating the disrespect come to heritage deposited there.
Is the situation of the Indian museum today. The damage may be irreparable. The Federation of indigenous organization of the river black=foirn and other indigenous leaders have already expressed support for the integrity of the achievements that the museum guard and are strongly the type of occupation that has been carried out.
All the legal measures have been taken to ensure the preservation of the spaces and the acquis, but it is with sadness and feeling of helplessness that this cultural heritage deposited runs risk of disappearance.
There’s very little clarity on the part of the protesters of the type of performance of the Indian museum inside the funai and the work that is being developed in the institution.
The direction of the museum has already requested to justice the reintegration of possession to avoid damage to the cultural goods material and immaterial of indigenous peoples and to public property of the Brazilian people. We are a cultural and scientific body and all the demands made completely out of our league.
The direction of the Indian museum

Indian museum
Palm Street 55-Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro / RJ


Museum Botafogo

museum indian brazil

Aldeia Mararcana~Museu do Indio

currently the protesters state…

1-the occupation of the Indian Museum was maintained since Wednesday (13) without any damage to the heritage or risk the safety of the servers and outsourced, as documented by the bailiff. Still, without been judged the reitegração of possession, on Saturday morning, security guards of funai and indigenous ethnic fulni-ô drove the occupants illegally and the force, causing injuries recorded in examination of body of crime.
2-the occupation does not put at risk the collection of the museum. The occupants don’t even entered the built-up areas that are home to the acquis. The Fire, had been made with very few sticks and dried leaves in the yard lawn, far away of buildings and without any possibility of escape of control. Nevertheless, the security of the museum the kicked disrespecting and desecrating the ritual in progress.
3-the occupation has not prevented the activities in progress. The occupants were totally in favor of the maintenance of all the activities planned. Who decided to suspend the activities outside the direction of the museum, with the intention of deliberate de legitimize the occupation.
4-the removal have been done illegally, the occupants that since Saturday morning were on the outside of the museum, they decided to reoccupy the museum on Sunday night, jumping up and down the wall, since the gates were closed.
5-at that jumped, the fulni-O and some security guards assaulted incisive and violently the occupants, armed with bordunas, causing serious injuries in a number of protesters, including taking the hospitalisation of two people. A Native fell severely wounded in the head and the fulni-Ô, afraid of the worst, fled for another exit to which protesters managed to open up the gate to rescue the injured and retake the museum. The whole scene out registered in photos and videos that are circulating the social networks.
6-the reintegration of possession out tried and given only on Monday, however without an audience with the lawyer of the occupants.
7-independent to be in favour of political position of the occupants, the note of funai’s a liar, and his position in the whole episode was shameful, negligent and worse, incitadora of violence between indigenous peoples, so criminal. This position shall not be unpunished, the entity has to be held responsible for the physical and moral harm you have caused the indigenous protesters and their supporters.



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