“Letter to
Secretary of International Affairs-Ministry of Finance of Brazil
Luís Antonio Balduino Carneiro
Executive Director to the World BankBrazil
Otaviano Canuto
The economic and social development can only occur if all share fairly its benefits, according to the needs and priorities of the different social groups.
Indigenous peoples are often in particularly vulnerable situation on major development projects. They have their fundamental rights often violated, especially by the lack of a free prior and informed consultation, on measures that could affect their life, their territory and their culture.
The World Bank is reviewing its environmental safeguards and Brazil has an important role to play in ensuring that the process will result in robust criteria, capable of combining agility with protection of basic rights guaranteed by international conventions and by our Federal Constitution of 1988.
In this final stretch of the review of the safeguards, I would ask the Government to stand firmly against any backlash on Indigenous policy of the World Bank. For this, it is essential that the Government seek the full compatibility of the Bank policies with the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples and ILO Convention 169.
If there is any possibility of backsliding, I ask that the Brazil show along with all other World Bank member countries concerned and work actively so that the final version fully respects the international commitments signed by the country.”



The World Bank is in the process of finalizing the revision of its environmental policies, a set of criteria to ensure that their loans are actually sustainable. But what was supposed to be a process of strengthening of these policies may result in a weakening of the rights of indigenous peoples. The Brazilian Finance Ministry, an agency that formulates the opinion in the country at the World Bank, has taken a position that brings a series of setbacks for even the current Indigenous policy of the Bank.
Today no work financed by the World Bank can happen without broad support for the project by the affected community, but the Brazilian proposal is ambiguous about the need for consultation and informed consent on the part of the natives. The attitude of the Ministry of finance is going in the opposite direction to international conventions on the rights of indigenous peoples, of which Brazil is a signatory itself.
Conectas and other organizations have asked for clarifications on the recommendations made by the farm, which can lead to a scenario of legal uncertainty and serious conflicts in projects such as dams, roads, waterways and ports.
The World Bank must approve its policy over the next few weeks, but Brazil still can ensure that the new safeguards are better than those that exist today. Now it’s time for everybody to push the Government to guarantee the right of indigenous peoples to be heard and have their space respected.
Send your email to the Secretary of International Affairs of the farm and to the Executive Director of the World Bank.
Conectas Human Rights
Socio-Environmental InstituteISA
International Rivers
This petition will be delivered to:
Secretary of International Affairs-Ministry of Finance of Brazil
Luís Antonio Balduino Carneiro
Executive Director for BrazilWorld Bank
Otaviano Canuto
  • Secretário de Assuntos Internacionais – Ministério da Fazenda do Brasil
    Luís Antonio Balduino Carneiro
  • Diretor-Executivo para o Brasil – Banco Mundial
    Otaviano Canuto

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