Indigenous organizations come with action against racist statements by Mr Luiz Carlos Heinze

Indigenous organizations come with action against racist statements by Mr Luiz Carlos Heinze
Indigenous organizations in the northeast they offered two criminal representations against Mr Federal Luiz Carlos Heinze (PP / RS) to the attorney general of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot. In May, the congressman welcomed the association of small farmers of Islanders, una and buerarema (Aspaiub), Da Bahia, in a speech recorded in the green room of the National Congress, containing discriminatory statements and contrary to constitutional determinations – case the demarcations of indigenous lands.
Heinze claims in the announcement to work for ” dismantle the farce of the indigenous issue ” performing ” agencies ” by the ministry of justice including changes in the direction of the national Indian Foundation (Funai).
In Depictions Signed by Chiefs, articulation of peoples and indigenous organizations in the northeast, minas gerais and Holy Spirit (Apoinme) and the federation of indigenous nations the tupinambá and the far south of Bahia (Finpat), The Indigenous leaders claim that the speech of heinze breaks the parliamentary propriety and whips in a region where the conflict for land is permanent tension – the case of the indigenous land of olivença tupinambá land and still with the processes of demarcation inconclusos by the federal government, As greater cause of violence against the indigenous people.
In Greeting to the date of the aspaiub heinze, claims to be working to dismantle many “of these decrees and ordinances”. The Parliamentarian refers to government publications dilma rousseff involving demarcations of indigenous lands and expropriations of land for agrarian reform in this year. The indigenous organizations argue in the rmp representations that heinze “makes it clear that guides their acting as a representative of legislative power not to protect the indigenous rights – as determine the Magna Carta and treaties and international agreements that the country is a signatory”.
The lawmaker let to understand in the announcement that the minister of justice Alexander Moraes compact with the ideas that are set out for him to ruralists baianos. Heize says in a speech that the corruption investigation of funai / incra is exposing these people and that the pec 215 will go on and with the new minister of justice will give a new direction for all these cases.
As is shown by the indigenous organizations in representation, “the delivery of this speech resulted in a marked rise in episodes of discrimination and racism against the indigenous people, including the would occur of threats to the leaders”.


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