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Indigenous Peoples, quilombolas, fishermen and activists are flooding in the house

Nearly 200 indigenous peoples, Quimbolas,  activists and artisan fishermen and occupy the auditorium  Ramos, on the morning of this Tuesday (9), in hearing held by the commission of human rights and minorities (Cdhm) of the chamber of deputies in Tribute to the international day of indigenous peoples.
The various peoples and traditional communities present already performed songs and rituals and, at the opening of the table of discussion, they did a minute of silence for the victims of the violence that demostrate daily hits these populations.
Front of the threats against their lives and their rights, a large part of them coming from inside the National Congress, the people present at the hearing scattered tracks across the hall with their claims, demanding the end of the cpi against the funai and the incra, of violence and criminalization Of leaderships.
The fight against the nefarious pec 215 and restrictive the thesis of the temporal Marco also stand out among the screams and tracks of indigenous people and Maroons, which require the demarcation and titration of their traditional territories.
” we, the people and traditional communities, build wealth in this country, but we do not enjoy any of that. We will not accept the projects of death as the pec 215 temporal and Marco. We demand the respect our rights “, said Maria De Fatima Barros, of the national coordination of quilombos (anq).
From Maranhão, Bahia, Rio Grande do sul, pará and tocantins, attend the hearing of the indigenous peoples, sparrowhawk krikati, trough, guajajara, mbya guarani, kaingang, the huh huh hãe tupinambá and, Maroons, artisanal fishermen and fishers and populations extrativistas .
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– Dra. ELIANA PERES TORELLY DE CARVALHO – Representante da 6ª Câmara – Populações Indígenas e Comunidades Tradicionais do Ministério Público Federal; (confirmada)

– Deputado SÁGUAS MORAES SOUSA – Presidente da Frente Parlamentar em Defesa dos Povos Indígenas da Câmara dos Deputados; (confirmado)

– Dra. INÊS MONTAGNER – Diretoria da Diversidade da Universidade de Brasília (confirmada).

– Sr. CLEBER CÉSAR BUZATTO – Secretário-Executivo do Conselho Indigenista Missionário – CIMI; (confirmado)

– Sra. MARIA DE FÁTIMA BATISTA BARROS – Representante da Articulação Nacional de Quilombos-ANQ; (confirmada)

– Sr. MANOEL CUNHA – Membro do Conselho Nacional das Populações Extrativistas; (confirmado).

– Sra. SÔNIA GUAJAJARA – Coordenadora Executiva da Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (APIB) (confirmada).

– Sr. ELISEU LOPES GUARANI-KAIOWÁ – Representante de liderança indígena; (confirmado).

– Sr. PAULINO MONTEJO – Representante da Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (APIB); (confirmado)

– Sr. NAILTON PATAXÓ – Representante de liderança indígena; (confirmado)

– Sr. ARNILDO WERA MOREIRA – Representante de liderança indígena; (confirmado)

– Sr. JOÃO PADILHA – Representante de liderança indígena; (confirmado)

– Sra. DÁRIA KRIKATI – Representante de liderança indígena. (confirmada)

Requerimentos nos 30 e 47 de 2016 de iniciativa do Deputado Padre João.

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