Seven ethnic groups claim large impacts on their lifestyles with the construction of power plants

Seven ethnic groups claim large impacts on their lifestyles with

the construction of power plants

MPF receives report against the construction of dams in the Valley

of the Juruena (MT)


image via web ~ Enawenenê Nawê fishing

The  6ª Câmara de Coordenação e Revisão do MPF(indigenous

peoples and traditional communities) received, on Thursday, July

28, report prepared by seven indigenous ethnic groups living in

the Valley of the Juruena, Mato Grosso, against the construction

of small hydropower plants (PCHs) planned for the region.

The fear of the natives is installation of PCHS can impact and

significantly change the way of life of the communities that

depend on the rivers. According to the report, 102 dams are

planned for the region, with 43 of them that may jeopardize the

survival of communities.

One of the leaders of the Enewene Nawê points the decrease of

fish in the river that bisects the community as one of the major

problems caused by the installation of hydroelectric plants. With

the diet based on fish consumption, ethnicity see their survival


“The construction of power plants of PCHs, close to top

indigenous lands, prevent the rise of fishes that diminish and

disappear; brings drought and death of rivers “, says one of the

excerpts from the document.

The report is the result of ethnic debate in June this year, in the

village Iru ‘ u, on Terra Indígena Menkü,, which brought together

representatives of ethnic groups, Myky, Manaoki, Enawenenê

Nawê, Apiaká, Kayabi, Munduruku e Negarotê.

Among the solutions proposed by indigenous, is an integrated

study of the basin formed by the Juruena rivers, Teles Pires and

Tapajós, besides the environmental impacts of reassessment of

developments already constructed in the region.

The 6ª Câmara will evaluate the report to take the measures it

deems appropriate. The document also was filed in the Republic

public prosecutor’s Office in Mato Grosso. Attended the 6th CCR

member meeting, Deputy Attorney-General Antonio Carlos

Bigonha and Executive Secretary Gustavo Alcantara.

Source: Attorney General of the Republic

in EcoDebate, 8/3/2016




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