With law,
without the law,
in spite of the law
and against the law,
indigenous peoples will always be in the fight
(Indigenous peoples of the North)

We indigenous Macuxi, Puruborá, Tembé, Karajá, Kayapó, Jaminawá, Mayoruna, Mura, Dessana, Galibi Marworno, Deni, Kaxinawa, Arapiun, Munduruku, Wapichana, Arara e Maraguá, dos estados do Acre, Amazonas, Rondônia, Roraima, Pará e Amapá, met from 11 to 14 August 2016, at the training centre Xare, Manaus-AM, Indigenous youth meeting with the presence of the Indigenous Missionary Council partners-CIMI , the coordination of indigenous organizations of the Brazilian Amazon-COIAB and Union of indigenous women of the Brazilian Amazon-UMIAB, with the objective of sharing experiences, experiences in our villages and socialize our struggles.

We brought our indigenous youth realities and challenges experienced in our territories that are not few, we sometimes become discouraged, but that on the contrary strengthens us to defend our rights originating in the Federal Constitution of 1988.

The Amazon, currently is host to large projects of death as: REDD, mining, hydroelectric dams, agribusiness, Loggers, oil tankers, Squatters, these projects that directly affect the livelihood of our people, violating our rights, through the creations of 215/00 PEC, PEC 409/01, PEC 2540/06, 1610/96, PL PL 4059/490/07 12, PL, PL 2057/91, PL 4750/12 and the Marco Timeline that comes attacking us in these recent times.

We young people of different peoples of the Amazon indigenous Brazilian, strengthened by our Union, through the exchange of traditional knowledge between different people, mainly with older people, here we are reaffirming our commitment and responsibility to continue our struggles with regard to Territorial issue, education and health, already initiated by our ancestors.

We are currently suffering violence and violation of our constitutional rights. We seek justice for life, strengthening our customs, beliefs and traditions by protecting our lands and territories. We don’t want the criminalization of our Leaders, the exploitation of our land, rivers, forests and lakes, we denounce the massacre of our people, and colonialist attitude of the Government and the State.

So shout it out together:

“We are here,
We are alive,
We are,
Alive our culture,
We are people,
Our existence is here yet,
We have our strength,
are not you who will bring us down,
We came to add, because together we are more
Romario Puruborá


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