5 Farmers Arrested for Massacre Guarani Kaiowa~

Arrested fifth farmer accused of involvement in Indian clash
Four others were arrested Thursday in the Federal Police operation

Was arrested in the early afternoon the fifth farmer accused of involvement in the confrontation that ended with the death of Clodiode Aquileu Rodrigues, in ‪#‎Caarapó‬, in June this year. The other four were held on Thursday, 18, in the Federal Police operation.

Author of action against farmers, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) announced today that 11 guns and 310 cartridges were seized with the producers. As the organ, in addition to the guns and cartridges, gun carriers were also seized.

Among the weapons are two revolvers, a 38-caliber rifle, a pistol-caliber. 380 and seven rifles of different calibers. Most cartridges is of calibers. 22, 380 and. 38. Other weapons that are registered on behalf of the farmers were not found by the cops.

Expertise is made at the scene of the attack on the Indians found the projectiles seized on Thursday.


The day June 12, Indians of the community Kuê Tey, of the ‪#‎GuaraniKaiowá‬ occupied the Yvu Farm. The next day, agents of the Federal Police were notified of the occupation by farmers who took them to the location.

The police found no hostages and were informed by indigenous people that the owner could, in 12:00 am, remove livestock and their belongings from the scene. No writ of repossession, the PFs returned to gold.

The landowners who were arrested today and more 200 or 300 people still not identified, provided with firearms and Fireworks, have organized to oust the Indians on June 14. According to witnesses, were more than 40 trucks that surrounded the Indians, with the help of a wheel loader, and started firing in the direction of the community.

A group of 40 to 50 Indians, eight were wounded and Clodiode died. Indians wounded, one of them remains hospitalized.

The hearing will take place in the building of the Federal Court in Dourados.. The other two arrested by Federal Police, Nelson Buainain Filho e Dionei Guedes will also before the audience.




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