Carta Ka’apor


Carta Ka’apor

Our fight does not stop!

We’re not going to let loggers and fires into our territory!



Indígena Kaapor passa por estacas de madeira retiradas proximo ao territorio indigena Alto Turiacu. Foto: Lunae Parracho / Greenpeace

We People Ka’apor not stop our fight in defense of our territory. Let’s not wait

for the Funai, anyone from Government to clear limits, monitor and get

loggers of our territory. Along with our management board Ka’apor decided to

continue the work.

At the beginning of this month of August we formed three indigenous groups

with support from our Park Ranger for clear limits fire, monitor and protect

against the loggers. Are almost 120 Indians doing this work in our territory.

On day 18 of August our group of 50 people, with our Guardas Florestais Ka’apor,

along with our women and children, we found a branch of loggers took wooden

logs on trucks within our territory. We decided to close this branch located in

Tancredo Neves, municipality of Nova Olinda do Maranhão.

Warned twice to Ibama and Federal Police about this situation. But, as they did

not return to us and even came to take the loggers, we decided to act and

defend what is ours, our territory, our forest.

Now, we’re camped on the riverbank Hola, within our territory. It also has 6

wood trucks and a tractor in the Woods. We’re not going out of our camp.

Ibama and Federal Police has to go out and arrest these attackers.

Warned a week ago for the loggers to leave the area, but they did not respect

our decision. That’s why our Rangers Ka’apor decided to act. Our management

board Ka’apor decided that this will be the 8th Ka’apor protection area that was

created to keep our protected territory.

Even with a federal judge’s decision in 2014 the Funai of Maranhão never

created any surveillance and monitoring station with the participation and

consultation of our management board. We will shift more Rangers and families

to our camp.

We can’t let the forest be destroyed, our food and our territory be destroyed.

The Kamará (whites) and the government ended up with a lot of land that was

ours. Our people are increasing and need that territory to go on living.

Management Board Ka’apor

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