Ka’apor Face Loggers Alone

In low-intensity war with loggers, Forest Guards Ka’apor follows waiting for Funai, Ibama and PF


KA’APOR foto Ruy Sposati

Trucks and a tractor loggers retained by Forest Guards Ka’apor inside the indigenous land Alto Turiaçu (on a map), in Maranhão, awaiting the arrest and investigation of public authorities. As informed a Committee of three leaders Ka ‘ apor to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) on Tuesday, 23, Funai, Ibama and Federal Police have not yet been to the camp where the vehicles are retained.

“The danger is of loggers come back in droves to retrieve the vehicles and have a conflict with our Forest Guard. Then the authorities need to investigate who are the trucks, the tractor. We deliver already to Ibama geographic coordinates where extension is the camp of the guard with the vehicles, “explains a Ka ‘ apor leadership present at the meeting with the MPF which did not identify for security reasons.

On the banks of the river Hola, the Ka ‘ apor spotted late last week over a timber extension. Tracking within the Woods, the indigenous Ranger found six trucks and a tractor. The men who worked in downing of trees fled. With the discovery of this new branch, the Board Ka ‘ apor determined the opening of the 8th  protection area Ka’apor inside the T1 Alto Turiaçu.

120 indigenous already working daily in  protection High Turiaçu with days running the boundaries of the indigenous land, by boat, car and walking, with the surrounding areas. According to the Council  Ka’apor, Funai and Ibama, responsible for the protection of the Earth for being a Union heritage, have shown annoyance with the guardian claiming that action with her violence against the Ka ‘ apor increased. In the photo, truck with logs taken from the inside of the T1Alto Turiaçu circulate unhindered on BR-316.

“The territory is surrounded by indigenous people under the coordination of the Forest Guards Ka’apor”, affirms leadership Ka ‘Apor . The indigenous explains that one of the main points of the job right now is to prevent the start of fires. “That’s why we need more support from the authorities for the purchase of fuel and food to keep the teams in the Woods. If Funai and Ibama cannot do this job, so we provide support, “says the lead Ka ‘ apor.

With the fight against loggers, since 2008, five leaders Ka ‘ apor were murdered, 14 Indians assaulted (physically and shots), two villages were raided and about eight and 12 leaders Rangers threatened or marked for death. The young Solitary Ka ‘ apor, from 14 years, follows missing after being kidnapped from the village Axiguirendá by loggers, according to the Council Ka’apor posters with the faces of the young were spread by the surrounding municipalities of T1 alto Turiaçu. On 26 April this year, completed a year yet the murder of Health Agent Eusebius Ka ‘ apor during an ambush-common tactic used by loggers to retaliate the action of Forest Guards Ka’apor.

“We need a State action to stop what happened in December 2015 (conflict between Indians and loggers). The Ka ‘ apor will act in defense of the people and of the indigenous land. We warn the public bodies responsible. They do not appear. After the natives are blamed for failure by public authorities, ” said an Indian who plays next to
Ka ‘ apor on contact with the assistance of Indigenous Missionary Council communication (Cimi).


Inserido por: Administrador em 24/08/2016.
Fonte da notícia: Assessoria de Comunicação – Cimi


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