Joaquim Barbosa on the impeachment

The former President of the Supreme Court Joaquim Barbosa returned to criticize the process of impeachment that drove away the President Dilma Rousseff. He called the political parties of “factions” and claimed, without citing directly the PMDB of Michel Temer, the group that seized power did it to protect themselves and keep stealing.

The statements were made last Tuesday (9) to entrepreneurs during the opening of a sustainability event in São Paulo, as recorded the Gazette Newspaper. In his speech, he also made criticism of the relationship between business and Government that settled for decades in Brazil and the current political system.

“Our country is paralyzed for more than a year because of a war between political factions. We know roughly what it’s all about ambition, greed, addiction to power, attempt to perpetuate in power to protect themselves, but also to continue plundering the resources of the nation, “said . In may, after the first vote of the Senate pro-impeachment, he was denouncing a “conspiracy” in Congress and advocated new elections in the country, strongly also in a lecture. “That was a pure act to justify the seizure of power,” said Barbosa on occasion, on the vote of the senators.

“Put in place the President someone who either lost the presidential election to the President who is leaving or someone even a day would have the dream of being able to compete in an election for President of the Republic. The Brazil, mark, will have to live for more than two years with this anomaly, “he said, in reference to the PSDB and the PMDB.…/joaquim-barbosa-%E2%80%98t…/ar-BBvxzyw…


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