Protests grow against Temer as he flees to China ….


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Several violent incidents against protesters have occurred as the protests grow against the interim turned president Temer, who has left the country putting Brazil in the charge of Maia.

The protests include the acts against the Military Police presence in the country, which violate the citizens peaceful marches against the decisions of Temer during the impeachment process of Dilma. Now formally removed,  Dilma vows her way back to the presidency by various legal means.

Temer has provoked upset in the country with severe changes in the distribution of wealth including cuts to the poverty stricken, education, health care, while thousands have recently been evicted for the sake of the Rio2106 Olympics. Temer affirms his stance as “For the Nation” rather than “For the People”, in effect supporting the elites of the country. The political elites have received increased pay and benefits since his arrival. The continual destruction of the environment for profit is evident under his rule. In fact the political realm holds high interests in the growth of agricultural development and mining interests to say the least.

Today the protests grow and will continue through the weekend.

The Military Police repression is evident in the streets and the air via helicopters, bombs can be heard in the videos, shots ring out in the streets aflame. Through use of intimidation the repression is met with resistance and brave acts of protesters. Unfortunately injuries are being reported as well.

One person has been reported missing following incident with military police fires, sustained injuries at the head and feet, and resulting seizures. Another lost one eye.

The following reveals only a few of the many occurrences today in Brazil….


Lawyer beaten

Yesterday the police starred in a scene of horror to beating a lawyer at the law firm of regular exercise. Absurd! The dictatorship was never end!


Testimony of lawyer (Mauro Rogerio Silva Dos Santos):

” I am the person assaulted in the video. I have several bruises but I’m fine. I have a habit of picking up my son at night in college. Around 22 hours I received a msg from him asking for me to pick it up in the central square of caxias do sul where was going on a demonstration by out fear. I went out there and I haven’t had a lot of people. I haven’t seen him. I received a request for help from him saying that they were in need of a lawyer because there were young people being arrested about a block from the square, when scattered. I’m home and I saw a girl and a young man, certainly less, hands on the wall and the cops getting ready to lead them to the police station. I took my wallet and I presented to the cops to find out the reason for the conduct of young people and what’s the name of them. Immediately I was repelled with jerks and I haven’t had the condition of lawyer recognised, maybe it’s because I’m black. The police have a hard time understanding that these two conditions can walk together. The assaults were many. My son is stuck in the penitentiary of caxias do sul. They say that he kicked a police officer and with this attempt on his life. My son is a student of law, for a long time athlete of canoeing, having represented Brazil in various national and international competitions. The Chair is not his place. I’m going to work to get him out of there “.



“They waited a street close to play the bombs, heavily armed against people with posters just walking down the street, by exercising their right.
I took pictures and made a video of the moment when the bombs were dropped, but what’s left in me is a feeling of powerlessness, of pain and fear of the future, fear of exercising my right to come and go
And the sad part of all of this is that when the guys went to turn on the street, minutes before the bomb, they shouted, “do not be afraid” so that more people join”



Belo Horizonte rises

Students of the ufmg has mobilized the night this Thursday and made a motion in federal university against the government con artist, moving from building to building calling on students.
The act started around 18 hours and with almost an hour of walking around campus. The protesters headed to the bustling avenue. Pres. Antônio Carlos, pampulha in belo horizonte.

Foto: Diogo Dias

Porto Alegre resists the shock

With a book in my hand, pointed toward the general ikeda, who runs the action of the repression of the protests in Porto Alegre, and a poster #foratemer in the other, the protester says: ” this is the greatest weapon i have. Those of you can’t anything as long as this is legalized!”. meanwhile the shock away and put down the guns. The voice of the people winning the voice of the police. There are few still in the streets of porto alegre – less than 100 -, but the resistance is strong. There’s no agreement. The fight just stop with the scammers out!

via medianinja

Foto: Caco Argemi / Mídia NINJA


For Freedom not Dictatorship the cry of Brazil is FORATEMER


images and video via web




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