Temer could be charged with obstructing justice~

“I was fired because I many interests. The Government wants to stifle the car wash. There’s a lot of fear of how far the car wash can reach, “said the former Attorney General, Fábio Medina Osório, in the interview which granted shortly after being fired, by phone, by Michel Temer; the statements of the Minister confirmed Osorio Romero Jucá, who said, on intercepted conversations, it was necessary to overthrow President Dilma Rousseff to “stop this bleeding”; revelation of the Planalto Palace tried to obstruct investigations puts pressure on the Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, who will have to prove once again investigates all or only the PT.

September 2016  10

247- The first major Government crisis Michel Temer, which involved former Romero Jucá still in the interim, had already made it clear that the parliamentary coup of 2016 had a purpose: contain the momentum of car wash Operation to protect the political oligarchy whose brazilian operation dangerously approached. Written by Sergio Machado, Jucá advocated the overthrow of Rousseff to “stop this bleeding”.

Now, the second major crisis of Temer, no longer in the interim, proves that this is exactly the goal of the coup. Fired by phone, former Solicitor-General, Fábio Medina Osório, said it was fired because the Planalto Palace has an interest in protecting corrupt allies – that is, it is, as said, Juca “stop this bloodletting.”

“I was fired because I many interests. The Government wants to stifle the car wash. There’s a lot of fear of how far the car wash  can reach, “he said, in an interview to Thiago Bronzatto, Marcela Mattos and Hugo Marques.

Osorio, who intended to charge up to $ 23 billion of the contractors and public agents involved in car wash, predicted a final ominous for the Government Fear. “If there is no commitment to the fight against corruption, this Government is going to melt,” he said. According to Osorio, the Chief of staff, Eliseu Padilha, was in charge for Fear of providing your resignation and contain its investees, which bothered the PMDB party and allies. “What’s wrong with trying to reimburse the public purse the embezzled money?” asks Osório.

After this new scandal, which reveals that the Planalto Palace tried to obstruct investigations, increases the pressure on the Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, who will have to prove once again investigates all or only the PT.

Recently, he accused the President Dilma Rousseff,  former President Lula and the former Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo of trying to block the car wash with a nomination of a Minister to the Superior Court of Justice. What to do now with the statement of the former lawyer of the Union, which accused the Government of firing him to protect political allies? With the word, Janot.

September 2016 9


247-The Government of Michel Temer may be coming to an end. The reason: fired this morning, the former Attorney General, Fábio Medina Osório, accuses the Planalto Palace of trying to sabotage the car wash, in an interview to the magazine Veja that runs this weekend.


Osorio was intended to have access to investigations against politicians and was also decided to charge $ 23 billion of the contractors and their executives. However, last night, was alerted by Eliseu Padilha, Minister of, that their initiatives would be creating serious problems for the federal Government.


Osorio requested an audience with Fear and was not answered. Hurt, decided to drop shooting.


After this complaint, the Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, who accused President Dilma Rousseff, former President Lula and the former Minister Jose Eduardo Cardozo of trying to obstruct justice for a reason more futile, that was the tipoff of Delcídio Amaral, will have to do the same with Temer.


In a report published this morning, 247 warned that, when fired Osorio, Temer  away from the problem, but could be charged with obstructing justice.


After the accusations of Osório, which reinforce the thesis Romero Jucá (PMDBRR), it was necessary to overthrow President Dilma Rousseff to stop this bleeding,” the Government Temer melts in the public square. Because virtually the entire dome of the PMDB was denounced by the largest contractors in the country.
September 2016 9

247- The dismissal of Fábio Medina Osório of law General, consecrated last night by Eliseu Padilha (learn more here) and formalized today at the Presidential Palace, was a risky moment for the Government Temer.

On the other hand, the output of Osório favors contractors, once the AGU, the Government Temer, filed lawsuits requesting damages of no less than $ 23 billion of construction companies and their executives.

To help contractors, Temer discourages new award-winning information-which could serve its own interests, as well as those of Padilha.

In his pré-delação, Marcelo Odebrecht said that Temer, in a meeting in the middle of Jabiru, asked R$ 10,000,000, which would have left the two box of the contractor. Of that amount, R$ 4,000,000 would have been delivered to Padilha.

The risk now lies in possibility Osório out shooting. Hurt by how was dismissed for Padilha, he can accuse the Chief of staff and his own Temer of trying to obstruct justice.

“Osorio back claiming you’re being fired because defends the Carwash and the contractors. This nagging version the President Temer to the point that he himself have delegated to the Chief of staff Minister Eliseu Padilha mission fired the Attorney, “says Jorge Bastos, one of the closest to Temer.

Below, report on the fuse for the output of the Minister, it would have been access to investigations against politicians Allied base:


Brasilia, 9/9/2016-measures that political interests have investigated in car wash Operation were the last straw for the resignation of the Attorney General’s Office, Fábio Medina Osório. According to Government sources, heard by the State, the Planalto Palace would not have agreed with the fact that the Minister has requested access to surveys of the Supreme Court (STF) which process deviations at Petrobras and other public bodies, with the aim of judging misconduct administrative actions against those involved.

On March 24, the Minister Zavascki, Rapporteur of the da’s car wash in the Supreme, authorized access to 12 investigations, mentioning several politicians Allied base of President Michel Temer. A government authority explains that the AGU’s request was made without alignment with the plateau and could create a “political incident” with supporters in Congress.

The subject was mentioned in the conversation between Medina and the Minister of the Civil Cabinet, Eliseu Padilha on Thursday night, which resulted in the exoneration of the Advocate-General.

Although it was available, the material was collected by representatives of AGU in the Supreme in the desired time by the Minister. According to a source, would have advantage of guidance so that the surveys were not copied. The Minister, one of the representatives of this sector claimed that lacked an external HD to save the information, which was not accepted.

In addition, according to sources, the Minister proposed a reinforcement team at AGU who works in the State of Paraná in partnership with car wash, which also would have been viewed with concern by the plateau.

Sources close to President Michel Temer, however, reject the versions and they say the now former Minister leaves office “lifetime achievement” and that is “misleading” and a liar the accusation that the Government wants to stop the worked in car wash, since the new Minister Dr. Grace Maria Fernandes Marin will continue the work to fight corruption.

After the officialization of the resignation of Medina, people close to the team’s former Attorney-General reported to the Presidential Palace that he was trying to hurry while had not yet been made official his exit in the Diário Oficial da União. According to reports,  would have been “a surge” wanting to have their last actions as Minister. With that, the accelerated publication of the Plateau Official Gazette Extra that exonerated Medina and named Grace Marin. “He’s going to sell the version that is wronged, but that’s not true. He committed a series of mistakes, coming out of the body of work, “said a caller to Temer. (Fábio Fabrini and Carla Araújo)

Below, story of Faust Macedo, on the recovery of the AGU against contractors:

AGU cobra r $ 12 bi from contractors of car wash

By Fausto Macedo, on 30 may 2016

The Solicitor-General’s Office, through the Union’s Attorney in the State of Paraná, filed on Monday, 30, two actions of misconduct against 15 companies and 12 individuals – between executives and former employees of Petrobras-involved in car wash Operation (see list below), as a result of the mark-up caused by the cartel formation and bidding guarantees, fraud to the detriment of the State-owned oil company. The AGU snake a total of 12.06 billion R$.

Now comes the $ 23 billion the total that the AGU snake of companies and individuals cited in the car wash. In two actions of administrative misconduct filed previously the value charged reached $ 11 billion.

Of the $ 23 billion, 5.6 billion R$ waives all such claims are for losses that Petrobras suffered the overpricing of works contracted by State-owned by the cartel that rigged bids and other State R$ 17.4 billion in fines that should be applied to the defendants.

According to AGU between construction companies quoted in the stock is Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez, OAS, UTC, Camargo Correa, Queiroz Galvão, Mendes Júnior and Engevix. Among the individuals processed by AGU, are former leadership of Petrobras, as Paulo Roberto Costa (supply), Renato Costa (services) and Peter Barusco (management services), besides the doleiro Alberto Yousseff and executives of the contractors.

In the actions, the Solicitor-General’s Office argues that was proven to cartel formation based on demonstration of the Administrative Council for economic Defense (CADE), as well as evidence collected in criminal proceedings.

The documents show that the companies have organized to rig the bidding for major projects of Petrobras, in order to divide among themselves the most valuable signings proposed by State and eliminate competition, which led to the arbitrary and unlawful profits increase (overpriced).

For this overpriced, AGU requests in two actions proposed on Monday, 30, the conviction of the defendants to pay solidarity the amount corresponding to 17% of each of their fraudulent contracts, which totals more than $ 3 billion.

The value was established on the basis of a report adopted by the Tribunal de Contas da União (TCU), taking into account the difference between the price in the cartelizado environment and the price that would be practiced in competitive environment ‘.

In the event of non-acceptance of the appraisal report of TCU, the Solicitor-General’s Office asks that the defendants be condemned jointly and severally to pay compensation equivalent to the total value of the contract, deducted legal costs. That is, the AGU asks Alternatively the return of profits, based on the United Nations Convention against corruption, ratified by Brazil, and the Brazilian legal system, ‘ so there is no illicit enrichment on the part of the defendants and prevent the practice of misconduct be worth ‘.

According to AGU, this thesis is already applied by several countries, such as Italy and United States. In addition to the compensation to the Treasury, in these actions requests the application of other penalties provided for in the Act of Misconduct (Law 8,429/92), which covers the suspension of political rights until 10 years for individuals, prohibition to contract with the Government, and a fine of up to 3 times the amount of economic benefit obtained illicitly, in total more than $ 8 billion.

The actions presented are signed by the Attorney General’s Office, Fábio Medina Osório, and Union lawyers  Eduardo Alonso Olmos, Julio Cesar Bertuzzi, Lisiane Ferazzo Ribeiro, Rodrigo Becker Rogério Pereira and Vitor Piarrentoni Campos.


OAS Engenharia e Participações S/A
Construtora OAS LTDA
Coesa Engenharia LTDA
Construtora Noberto Odebrecht
Odebrecht Plantas Industriais e Participações S/A
Odebrecht S/A
UTC Engenharia S/A
Galvão Participações S/A
Galvão Engenharia S/A
Tomé Equipamentos e Transportes LTDA
Alumini Engenharia S/A
Serveng Civilsan S/A
Fidens Engenharia S/A
Iesa Óleo & Gás S/A
Construtora Queiroz Galvão S/A
Eduardo de Queiroz Galvão Filho
Paulo Roberto Costa
Renato de Souza Duque
Pedro Barusco
Alberto Youssef
José Aldemário Pinheiro Filho
Agenor Franklin Magalhães Medeiros
Mateus Coutinho de Sá Oliveira
José Ricardo Nogueira Breghirolli
Fernando Augusto Stremel Andrade
Erton Medeiros
Jeal Alberto Luscher Castro

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