Kariri Xocó ~Court of Appeal

Indians of Alagoas accompany the Recife hearing in federal court
Early in the morning, Indians sang and danced in front of the TRF5.
Accompanies the Group session to define demarcation of lands in AL.
Representatives of the tribe Kariri Xocó accompany hearing at the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL5, in Recife (photo: Danilo Galindo/TRF5/Disclosure)
Indios Kariri Xocó tribe, the interior of Alagoas, were in Federal Court of the 5th region (TRF5), in the Centre of Recife, to accompany a trial of demarcation of lands in the municipality of Alagoas of Puerto Real. In all, four representatives of the tribe accompanied the session started at 9:00 this Thursday (25), but other residents of the village are waiting for the outcome outside of the room.
According to the organ, the Indians arrived in the early morning and also made demonstrations in the lobby of the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL and at the entrance of the organ at the Apollo. According to the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL, the demonstration was peaceful, singing and dancing. The trial ended early in the afternoon, but a new hearing the same case should happen the day October 20.
On the last day of August 15, 11 Indians tribes of Pernambuco occupied the headquarters of the State Department of education, in the neighborhood of the Valley, to claim structural improvements in indigenous public schools of the State. Carrying posters, the Group did a dance in the living area of the Secretariat and delivered an agenda of claims in the late afternoon. The Group remained in the Office until the following day.
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