UN: Human Rights Violations Brazil

Indian children are being adopted without respect for human rights, says UN rapporteur



The picture is illustrative, unrelated to the complaint of the rapporteur.
(Photo:Apr/Wilson Days)

An eye on Ruralistas
15 September 2016

Report made by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz brings a specific item on access to justice for
native peoples; Judges refer to them “pejorative and discriminatory form,” writes
United Nations representative.

The full text written by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz on the situation of indigenous peoples in
Brazil can be read in several ways. Several items relating to politics, as her perception
about the Government Temer, were disclosed by the press. But the report of the United
Nations (UN) on the mission carried out in March brings other relevant data. The item
on access to justice, for example, just passing unnoticed. But at least this startling

-The Special Rapporteur was seriously concerned about the reports of adoptions of
Indian children authorized by judges without due respect to the rights of the child as
set out in the Convention on the rights of the child, the rights of their extended
families, which in the indigenous cultures traditionally play a major role in such
contexts, and the rights of their communities.

According to Victoria, another problem concerning the judiciary is the growing use of
suspension mechanism of security – suspension of rights in favor of other interests-in
the case of “development” projects, or infrastructure. “This mechanism allows projects
proceed even if they may result in serious violations of the rights of indigenous
peoples”, writes.

The Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples also claims that some
judicial decisions follow referring to indigenous peoples of pejorative and discriminatory

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz declared himself “alarmed” about the Government Temer and
criticized the emptying of the National Indian Foundation (Funai) during the
Government of Dilma Rousseff.




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