GUERRA SEM FIM/ENDLESS WAR – Resistência e Luta do Povo Krenak



The Mini-documentary displays reports of indigenous people, anthropologists and members of the federal public ministry on the actions of squatters and military officers who have withdrawn the krenak from the territory in which they lived, in the region of the Rio Doce, in minas gerais, through prison and strong repression of the culture of ethnicity.
The Regional prosecutor of the Republic Eliana Torelly presented figures of the final report of the National Commission of truth that point to 434 Brazilians not indigenous people killed during the dictatorship. During the same period, the numbers of indigenous people murdered is of more than 8.350. “on the basis of this report, we concluded that the natives were the biggest victims of the military regime and the people Krenak is living proof that”, remembered.
Today, only 25 indigenous ethnic occupy a reduced restored area with great difficulty. To the members of the mpf, the film production is a form of symbolic retraction indigenous to the suffering and violations suffered.



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