#StandingRock supporters please show your solidarity~

#NaoPec241 #NaoPEC65 #NaoPec215
The Brazilian government currently passing laws to ensure the ultimate #genocide of these people….yes, these are the people who will suffer atrocities now and in the near future it is increasing. For the profit of few, these people will exist no more, the rivers destroyed for greed.

#Urgent  >>>————————->
#StandingRock supporters please show your solidarity
#NoDapl it is the same fight…the invasions are severe and government induced for “progress” killing the forest and everything natural in Brazil.


Edson Kayapó ~“My religion is love to life. My Temple is the nature.”

Please explore this blog to understand the history and increasing tension surrounding the events of #ecocide and #genocide in Brazilian #ForestsandRivers against the #IndigenousPopulation

Please donate here if possible: paypal.me/forestrivers

The Forest Thanks You




One thought on “#StandingRock supporters please show your solidarity~

  1. Edson Brito on 2/11/2016 at 8:06 am said:

    “Our struggle is for the rights originating,
    for the preservation of land and the reconstruction of everything
    the men destroyed in the name of progress.
    Let’s join hands and together build peace in the forest and in the cities.”

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