KA’APOR UPDATES~”Silence the voice of the prophets, the stones will speak”

Autonomy to the people Ka’apor against the criminalization of Ka’apor and allies
23 January 2017

“Silence the voice of the prophets, the stones will speak”


By WEB-Maranhão, in the Cimi

The undersigned entities have accompanied the constant reports of violence against the people and its territory Ka’aporand, especially, from the murder of indigenous Eusebius, occurred in April 2015.

In a recent dialogue with the Managing Council Ka’apor, came to public express first our total and unrestricted support to the project of Life of the people Ka’apor which has been  with the territory High  Turiaçú, from 2013, and that has allowed the discussion and implementation of their autonomy and their own organization, while indigenous people specific and differentiated – rights they are constitutionally recognized and that the Brazilian State continues to disrespect systematically.

This life project Ka’apor built a model of surveillance and territorial protection, with Rangers closing branches left behind by loggers; enabled the creation of new villages in the process of occupation and reorganization of the territory; guided the Indians in the practices of new plantations in degraded places, guaranteeing healthy food; Advanced to the creation of an area of consistent management board autonomy, political decision-making and an agreement of coexistence of the people within the territory, in the structuring of the Knowledge Centre Ka’apor, with positive repercussions in the indicators of school education in intercultural perspective, with the collaboration of important allies, without whom such advances in terms of political organization would not be possible.

We noticed how the people Ka ‘ apor have been building an indigenous resistance model that stands out for distance himself from the logic of co-option of political leaderships, the absolute guardianship and State dependence and especially preventing the consolidation of logging in its territory.

We find that this project of resistance began to be deployed from the construction of these spaces of autonomy that broke with the previous reality, where stood the sale of wood by Aboriginals, the intrusion of loggers throughout the territory, alcoholism, internal disputes and begging, within the historical context of inefficient public policy.

Thanks to this political and organizational design, people Ka’apor recovered their self-esteem, revitalized sustainable production practices, passed to value their traditional parties with more force and rescued their traditional forms of organisation, based in the lead and not the imposition of Tuxá caciques (organization imposed by colonization).

We see with concern that the main allies of Liberator are figuring as targets of a campaign of criminalization and disqualification that has served only to undermine the autonomy of struggle of the Ka’apor, translating internal differences of conception of world by criminal typification, making room for a dangerous “jurisprudence” of banishment and expulsion of collaborators and allies of the indigenous struggle , which inevitably will strike all that diverge from so-called “state reasons” hereafter.

In this sense, exactly the employees closest to the struggle of the Ka ‘ apor that irradiated his works from the Knowledge Centre Ka’apor are latest victims of this process of criminalization in civil and criminal processes: José Mendes de Andrade, Simone Moraes Coelho, Hatty Darmanin and Eloi Son Rock. They have in common with the policy divergence coincidentally FUNAI and DSEI/SESAI of its management methods, but they were on the side of the Indians ‘ mark when, from the end of 2015, were the victim of an ambush, shooting firearms, invasions of the territories by loggers and throughout the follow-up process that never satisfactorily investigated the death of leader Eusebio.

In dialogue with the Managing Council Ka ‘ apor, confirmed that most of the people (13 of 17 villages) recognizes and supports the contribution of José Mendes de Andrade and the other allies in this construction project of autonomy, contrary to what implies the curious documentary in production processes of criminalization and the campaign of disqualification in progress.

Before the exposed laments attempted criminalization of those real human rights defenders indigenous peoples, whether in the midst of criminal cases which process quickly the deaths of loggers, either in civil cases, where the federal government agencies reveal the explicit intention to expel and prevent the entry of these people in all indigenous territories of the country, with no other Foundation than the supposedly lead the occupation of DSEI’s property in the town of Zé Doca,  in an act of protest involving dozens of indigenous people from various villages, who fought for the improvement of health care in their communities.

Accordingly, together we will continue working so that:

The people Ka’apor is respected and can resolve itself and internally their problems as a people as;
The project of Life of the people Ka’aporhas continuity with the Indians having all the autonomy to make decisions;
Be guaranteed the right of Defense José Mendes de Andrade in the criminal proceeding and Simone Moraes Coelho, Hatty Darmanin and Eloi Son Rock Oliveira in the civil Process, all militants of the indigenous cause of Maranhão and that so far they did earn our respect and that of the vast majority of the people Ka’apor.

St. Louis 23 January 2017.

Indigenous Missionary Council-Regional Maranhão

Maranhão human rights society

Pastoral Land Commission – Regional Maranhão

Brazilian Caritas-Maranhão Regional

Pastoral da Criança – MA

Interstate movement of the Babassu Coconut breakers-MIQCB

Center of Biblical Studies do Maranhão-CEBI-MA

Cassava Network

Newspaper routes of Fact

Global Justice

Center for research in law and diversity at UFMA-NUPEDD/UFMA

Studies on Agricultural Space Lab and Peasantry-LEPEC

Web of People and traditional communities do Maranhão

Group Torture Never da Bahia

Partner for joint monitoring of the DH in Brazil (MNDH; Pad and Misereor Partners in Brazil)

Quilombola movement of Maranhão – Moquibom

Image: Indians Ka’apor in the village Rendá, built in Puxi Jaxi former patio of loggers. Terra Indigena Alto Turiaçu, Maranhão. Photo: Isadora Brant



Letter from the Ipereg Movement Ayu (Munduruku) in support of the people Ka’apor
7 January 2017
“We in the movement Ipereg Ayu came across this talk about our solidarity with the people Ka’apor and to officials  and supporters of the fight for autonomy in the territory of Alto Turiaçu. The invasion of the territories for the theft of wood is a violence that we also fought munduruku.

To fight it takes a lot of strength and health and so we know that the health workers Hatty Darmanin, Simone Moraes Coelho, Eloi son Rock de Oliveira and José Mendes supporter, our teacher of the Ibaorebu, are important in this fight against a corrupt government, a FUNAI who hides and is cowardly and against relatives liars.

We know the enemies of the people Ka’apor don’t want  the Ka’apor people have health to fight and so joined with justice to get your honor determined the spacing of the authoritarian supporters of the Ka’apor. But not fulfilled no justice decision to withdrawal and arrest of the wood supporting the Government or who killed leaders, we also expect that the killer of Charul Kirixi warrior in November 2012 to be arrested.

The pariuat call it the criminalization of human rights defenders, we call it injustice and hatred against our people.

We are all one people and we will fight this injustice by strengthening our autonomy and defending our territory in the forest, in education, in health care and where more agent is.

We want to stop the persecution of our allies we’re going to get our dignity. We will not go back on our rights.

Ana Munduruku Poxo

Coordinator of the Movement Ipereg Ayuc ”





Petition in support of Professor Zezinho and the people Ka’apor
22 January 2017
The struggle for rights and respect for the indigenous peoples of Brazil which has lasted more than half a Millennium. During this period, milhões of men, women, old people and children were murdered by indigenous “discoverers” and their descendants. Implemented genocide in the name of progress and development of the nation. Even so, these people never gave up fighting, reaffirming every day their culture, language, and worldview.

This righteous battle is confronted directly with the interests of national economic elites: loggers, farmers, politicians, agents and State institutions that are supposed to safeguard the rights and interests of the various indigenous groups that exist in the country. Anyway, it’s a fight that is facing exactly against the interests of national and International Capital.

For being recognized as a fair fight, the indigenous people receive support from various individuals and organizations. The struggle of the people, of the indigenous land High Urubú Turiaçu, in Maranhão, fits exactly in this characterization, a fair fight in defense of the forest, rivers, the planet and life. For this reason these people have received the full support of various wrestlers and wrestlers, one of these is the professor JOSÉ MARIA MENDES DE ANDRADE, better known as Professor Zezinho .

Zezinho holds a degree in social sciences at the Federal University of Pará, a master’s degree in anthropology also by that University, and from a very young age began to support the struggle of the indigenous peoples. In that contest, Zezinho is more than 10 years following the Urubú, advising people them, upon request, in this confrontational relationship between the needs of indigenous peoples and the interests of representatives of local, State and Federal Executive. A large part of these interests are linked also to the interests of loggers, mining companies and representatives of agribusiness.

Today Zezinho is being criminalised for sectors that illegally exploit wood within the territory, and for public servers Urubú supporters of loggers and farmers of the region, so it responds to two cases in court, the first, along with Polo officials 03 Indian health Base of Zé Doca/MA, for alleged incitement to occupation of this polo; other, including remand is requested by the Federal Police, accused of an alleged murder, prosecution policy based on false accusations made by people who have economic interests in the region and no proof material present in the process, making it clear that the only purpose of this charge is to neutralize the work that this teacher performs between Urubú sign.

Based on these matters is that we, activists, human rights defenders, organizations and movements below-murdered, collectives and individuals who know JOSÉ MARIA MENDES DE ANDRADE, his integrity and commitment to the struggle of indigenous peoples, we have absolute certainty that we are facing another case of criminalisation of who supports the struggle of the indigenous peoples in Brazil, and we demand that the State guarantee the physical integrity of professor Zezinho as well as their freedom and full rights of Defense. Responsible public servants, loggers, farmers, and all those involved in this case, for what were to happen with more supportive of the rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Belem, 16 January 2017
signed…(see link below)
New aid can be sent by post to (091) 98285-6746.




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