Paulo Marubo

Testimony-Paulo Marubo
“The isolated Indians were massacred, but Funai says there’s no evidence”
By Felipe David Martinez — published 11/09/2017
General Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Union of Vale do Javari reports invasions and denounces the assassination of indigenous “Flecheiros” by prospectors
Artemisia Marubo/Disclosure
Paulo Marubo

Paulo Marubo

Paulo Marubo at Acampamento Terra Livre, in Brasília, in protest against violence affecting indigenous peoples

The indigenous people are historically the latter to be heard about cases of violence in the Amazon.

After the first hand denounced the ongoing investigations on the massacre committed by indigenous prospectors in voluntary isolation in Amazonia-occurred between late July and early August-I sought to hear the prospect of the indigenous peoples.

Paulo Marubo, general Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Union of Vale do Javari (Univaja), reported such a perspective to me by phone-subsequently transcribed and reread for him. In the end, it makes the call: “We want to disclose our situation in social networking and media. Please disclose that statement of mine. ”

For the indigenous movement, Paul says, there is no doubt that the massacre against the “Flecheiros” occurred. “This massacre of the Flecheiros, killed by the prospectors who entered the region occupied by the isolates, we learned by reports of our indigenous relatives. And the state says it’s not happening. Funai says there’s no proof. ”

With 8.5 million hectares, the indigenous land of Vale do Javari was approved in 2011 and, according to data from Funai, there are at least 14 indicative of isolated Indians. The organ considers “isolated” indigenous groups that have not established permanent contact with the non-indigenous population. There are at least 107 records of isolated in Brazil, all in the Amazon.

Check out the testimony of Paulo Marubo, general Coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples Union of Vale do Javari (Univaja):

“We indigenous people have always made this kind of alert of violence against isolated to the state: that invaders will kill the isolated relatives. We have made alerts for the government to take action in the face of the situation that we see, with regard to the invaders in the indigenous area.

The Funai never manifested on our complaints, and we always put the gravity of it. We started pressing the government in 2014, but, in fact, the indigenous movement was already making letters warning the state of gravity that these invasions could provoke against the isolated relatives: look, a massacre will happen.

In February 2015, he had an exchange of gunfire in the region. That was at the base of the rio Ituí, right in front of protection. This is very serious. We’ve always faced these types of invaders, hunters, fishermen here in the region. and the situation worsened.

In the part of the southern region of the indigenous land [Vale do Javari, in the western end of the Amazon], there are other invaders, such as farmers who are already crossing the boundaries of the demarcation of the indigenous land. But our region is very large, and the Funai says he cannot do the supervision, nor to meet this demand of the indigenous movement to protect the areas of isolated Indians.

The invasions are happening at ease, without the government taking any action. The government doesn’t give a, that’s the truth. We do the reports, but the indigenous movement has no financial resources to do the job of the state. We have no financial resources to take the front of the state in the protection of our territory: we depend on government aid.

Today, there are invaders all over the indigenous land of the valley of Javari. They are everywhere: by the River Javari, coming from Acre, by the rio Jurá and even by Peru, where our indigenous lands are bordering. .

And by these intrusion points I’m quoting, there are isolated indigenous relatives.

For example, in the Jutaí River, it has isolated relatives that have already moved from another area: The invaders have driven them out of the boundary of the indigenous land!

The isolates are trying to escape because of the conflicts provoked by these invaders, which are happening increasingly frequently around here. They’re fleeing everywhere.

This massacre of the Flecheiros, which were killed by the prospectors who entered the region occupied by the isolates, we learned by reports of our indigenous relatives. And the state says it’s not happening. Funai says you have no proof. They say the villages are still in the region.

For the Funai had no conflict. But the information that arrives from the relatives is that the isolated ones have been slaughtered. It has the indigenous vision and the view of the state. The state’s not going to tell you what’s going on. To the state, it’s fine, all right. But there was massacre.

We launched a public note at the 11th General Assembly of Coiab, in Pará, at the end of August. A one-handed complaint to the Federal prosecutor’s office on the massacre. That’s where the MPF pressed the state to make arrangements, to do the operations. The army with other organs that are operating in the region against the mining camp.

We’ve always suffered here.

The Quixito River is overlooked. Therefore, the river is discovered for the entry of more invaders. Our relatives say there are fishermen coming in straight.

In the very municipality of Atalaia of the north, we see the market for hunting, turtles, Tracajá, turtle. They’re taken from the indigenous land to fuel the county. We find these poached, illegal hunting meats made within the indigenous land, which are selling on the market. Our territory is uncovered, unsupervised. And Funai claims she has no resources. And that’s it.

Besides, it’s got narco-trafficking right in our area.

We don’t know what to do. As much as we make complaints, it looks like they’re worthless. Nobody does anything. As the isolates do not know how to defend themselves in the white world, we are here, by the indigenous movement, to defend them.

I say again: The state only says it has no resources, no human resource to meet the demand for protection of the Javari, and that makes us very concerned, because no one knows what will happen from now on.

To preserve the environment, a reserve, has no appeal. But for miners, for miners, agribusiness, they always have an appeal. For a member of the appeal. But for the people who need it in fact, they claim they have no appeal.

The Vale do Javari concentrates the largest quantity of isolated Indians in the whole world. Every part of the indigenous land has isolated relatives, and they’re appearing everywhere increasingly.

In the village Marunawa, of my people Marubo, a village that sits right in the center of the indigenous Land, are now appearing the isolates. But first, we’ve never seen isolated in there. They’re appearing because of the invaders that are invading all over the indigenous land.

We don’t know where to send a report of the tragedy that’s going on in the Javari Valley. We are asking for support from all people who want to help indigenous peoples: to forward our situation and disclose so that everyone knows the real situation of despair in the Javari valley.

We want to disclose our situation. Disseminate in social networking and media. Please disclose that statement.

The Brazilian state doesn’t believe us Indians. We do not make a technical report like whites: But we do letters, which, for us, of the indigenous movement, is the Indian report. What we want now is a government response on the situation of the invasions and the deaths of the isolates.

They never take into consideration our complaints. But we want answers.

Week ago, in the area occupied by the isolated relatives Korubo, the indigenous Marubo, of my people, found a group of fishermen on the beach, on the riverbank, within the indigenous land. They took a picture of these invaders.

It is an area of danger and a lot of risk because it is an area of Korubo, it is not permitted or for us: every week the Korubo pass there. That’s right in the region where the fishermen were found. Nobody did anything about our report.

The fishermen are in the area of the isolated Korubo. What if some fisherman in these past few weeks have shot some Korubo and we haven’t heard?

But isolates don’t just die of gunshots, also diseases. What if they left some cold-contaminated laundry there? They live in a different world, they have no antibodies, and they can get some diseases and die fast.

If we say that to Funai, Funai wants a technical report. But we’re going to talk through our grades and our letters.

So I ask: Help divulge the tragic situation we are living in the Vale do Javari ”




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