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Standing Rock

Water is Life


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photo via web


“We raised with standing rock Sioux in the fight for yecobé (water) Life!
Aiênten Lucienne Shayla kuña gwarini until * for your anga (soul) high in take our message to our relatives!

Our struggle and solidarity has no boundaries, states and capital.
We fight for life and another world possible.
The indigenous peoples and the sacred nature are some of their natural expressions.

Eagle, condor and sparrowhawk… together for aby yaala!!!

For casé angatu casé tupinambá xukuru

In the photo, Lucienne Shayla, our relative honey, wields the track of support and solidarity. We feel proud of that kuña guarini until that, even without words, narrates that delivered our message, written by a collective of tupinambás of olivença – Islanders / Bahia, which had (Angatu Casé) and the honour of drafting, addressed to the council of elders And to the community in the sacred fire

A Holy moment not only for lucienne as for all of us.

Aiênten Lucienne Shayla kuña gwarini until * for your anga (soul) high in take our message to our relatives!

* KUÑA GWARINI UNTIL: Woman Warrior and strong

) —-> —–> —->

Counting a little bit of this story:

On the image appears lucienne shayla which is a relative of our living in the USA. Was / is through her that we take / we have contact with the struggle of nations Sioux, Lakota, Dakota, of all indigenous peoples meeting in standing rock Sioux. Now we are also in contact with Michael Jaguar who made the track wielded by the warrior in the photo.

Lucienne has his ancestry in tupy tupinambá and people. We talked a lot since our first contact. What else do we admire about her is the deep spirituality and indigenous warrior. Your Ancestry has touched on more strongly with the fight at standing rock sioux that we fully support. She decided she is physically with our relatives in their fight and for there followed.

Knowing of your brave trip to standing rock, we agreed to send a message of support that is above all ancient and spiritual. Message from our enchanted, ancestry and relatives of here (Indian territory of olivença tupinambá – Islanders / Bahia.). At the end of the manifesto of support has the list of relatives with whom we can talk and who agreed to express your support.

Note: we can’t chat with other relatives, Chiefs and leaders before sending the expressions of support. This is why this event is of some of the indigenous people of this our territory identified with their names originating in at the end of the manifesto.

I went to the post office of Islanders twice this week trying to also send a spear, maraca and pipe in the sense of lucienne offer to our brothers. Twice I’ve been busy, being threatened by contempt. They claimed that it was improper and constituted as “guns”. somehow hit: they are spiritual weapons of our ancestry and delighted.

However, we can send by here the message that follows below, as well as the message that follows the track made by Jaguar and Lucienne leads in their walk of a struggle.

Our Enchanted and ancestry were with her in this difficult and dangerous trip because the us government and its armed forces threaten those who resist arrest, and assaulting our relatives of standing rock Sioux and all those who, like lucienne, try to join.

Of olivença send our energies… the energies of the enchanted!

For this kuña gwarini until (India Warrior and strong) we’ll sing illuminating your steps and our relatives at standing rock Sioux:

” when I arrive at standing rock sioux
To fight for our land

I found my relatives
All in point of war

I have bow
I’ve got arrow

I come all my relatives
In the village ” Tupinambá

Luciene in their walk of struggle and ancestor!


Note: to know a little bit more about this fight:

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To read the letter in its entirety please visit:
“Geosocialismo: Socialism in defense of life and the planet”


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“The Arrow: Environmentalist and anti-capitalist”


Week of Indigenous incidence in Brasilia

No right to Less.
Ministry of health
Week of Indigenous incidence in Brasilia.
#Fortalecimento #SASI_SUS #FUNAI
Week of incidence in Brasilia.
Ministry of health, and Federal prosecutors.


Kayapó Resiste

Yes we indigenous people from Brazil, we know what we want: “no right to less”.
Kayapó people

Sim nós Povos Indígenas do Brasil, sabemos o que queremos: “Nenhum Direito à Menos”.
Povo Kayapó

#Fortalecimento #SASI_SUS #FUNAI
Semana de incidência em Brasília!
Ministério da Saúde, e Ministério Público Federal.




Pataxó, Krenak, Tuxá e Xukuru Resiste







Povos de Alagoas e Sergipe Resiste





Public hearing to discuss the UN recommendations


MPF promotes public hearing to discuss the UN recommendations about Brazilian indigenous populations

Event will occur on November 10 and will bring together government agencies and Indigenous Ngos in Brasilia


With the objective of debating the situation of indigenous peoples in Brazil and seek practical solutions and forwards to the recommendations made to the Government of Brazil by the United Nations Organizations, the indigenous peoples and traditional communities of the Federal Prosecutor and the Federal citizens ‘ rights promote public hearing in Brasilia, on 10 November, at 1:00 pm.

The event will bring together indigenous peoples, public agencies and non-governmental organizations with expertise in the area to discuss, so as participatory and democratic means to achieve compliance with the guidelines made by the UN to Brazil. The participants of the debate will have space to present the actions taken by the institutions that represent and should enter into commitments about what can be done in the short, medium and long term to meet in full the recommendations of the United Nations.

Released in September, during the 33rd meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, the report brought disturbing conclusions about the current situation of the indigenous peoples in Brazil. The document points out that these people are more vulnerable now than at any other time since the Constitution in 1988.

The work was a result of the mission to Brazil of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, who was in the country in March this year to make a diagnosis of the indigenous situation and monitor the development of recommendations made by the UN in 2009, through its predecessor, James Anaya. During the mission, Victoria visited villages, communities, public institutions and bodies working in the theme.

Recommendations- On the basis of the comments made during the Mission in the country, the Special Rapporteur suggested a series of recommendations to the Brazilian Government, as the adoption of urgent measures to tackle the violence and discrimination against indigenous peoples; the strengthening of public institutions as the Funai; the training of public authorities, including high authorities of the Executive power and judges of first degree, considering its inappropriate application of doctrines that deny rights.

The UN also recommended that the State increase efforts on demarcation and protection of lands; allocate resources to improve access to justice; ensure meaningful participation and consultation, free, informed and good faith of indigenous peoples with respect to large or striking development projects and respect indigenous protocols for consultation and consent with respect to development issues; and ensure, in a participatory way, impact assessments and compensation for the damage caused.

Access the full report in Portuguese


Public hearing Situation of indigenous peoples in Brazil: the UN recommendations
Date: 11/10/2016, 1:00 pm
Location: JK Auditorium-Attorney General’s Office

Secretariat of Social Communication
Attorney General of the Republic
(61) 3105-6404/6408
Twitter: MPF_PGR

#StandingRock supporters please show your solidarity~

#NaoPec241 #NaoPEC65 #NaoPec215
The Brazilian government currently passing laws to ensure the ultimate #genocide of these people….yes, these are the people who will suffer atrocities now and in the near future it is increasing. For the profit of few, these people will exist no more, the rivers destroyed for greed.

#Urgent  >>>————————->
#StandingRock supporters please show your solidarity
#NoDapl it is the same fight…the invasions are severe and government induced for “progress” killing the forest and everything natural in Brazil.


Edson Kayapó ~“My religion is love to life. My Temple is the nature.”

Please explore this blog to understand the history and increasing tension surrounding the events of #ecocide and #genocide in Brazilian #ForestsandRivers against the #IndigenousPopulation

Please donate here if possible: paypal.me/forestrivers

The Forest Thanks You



Uru Eu Wau Wau at risk


Uru Eu Wau Wau  foto via ISA

Tribe “Royal Hawk” and its neighbors isolated face annihilation in Amazon

28 October 2016

Several farmers and settlers are invading the territory of the Uru Eu Wau Wau, a tribe recently contacted, with the support of local politicians. The incursion is being described in the region as “the worst invasion in decades” that could exterminate uncontacted indigenous who live nearby.

The Indians Uru Eu Wau Wau are known as the “Royal Hawk” because they use large feathers of the bird to make arrows and headdresses. They call their neighbors Jururei insulated, which means “brave.”

We know very little about the isolated tribes, but we know that entire populations are being wiped out by the genocidal violence of outsiders who steal their land and resources, and by diseases such as influenza and measles, to which they have no resistance. The Uru Eu Wau Wau were decimated after the first contact in the 80.

The Rondônia State Government operates a scheme of colonization, near the territory of the tribe. Settlers are now invading the territory, although part of it being the National Park ‘ New Pacaás “and three uncontacted indigenous groups living in the interior. Farmers and local politicians are encouraging a new wave of invasions.

Aerial images show large portions of the territory of the tribe being burned by settlers opening the land. In addition to home for many indigenous peoples, the region also has pine trees only, as well as Amazon unique landscapes of waterfalls, caves and plateaus. Endangered species like the lutrine opossum, the giant Armadillo and the Alagoas curassow depend on these environments to survive.

Members of the tribe wrote to the Federal Police in Rondonia on August 8, but the authorities have yet to act. In the letter, the Indians said: “we are very worried that the invasions are nearby villages and endangering the lives of women, children and old men. The situation is very serious and need urgent withdrawal of the invaders, before it happens the death of indigenous or of invaders in a confrontation within the indigenous land. “

The Uru Eu Wau Wau were contacted by government agents of FUNAI in 1981. The official policy at the time, was to contact the isolated peoples forcibly. This meant that they were exposed to infectious diseases.

Despite the territorial rights of the tribe have been officially recognized in 1991, many are worried that little is being done to protect your home extremely bio diverse. The uncontacted tribes are the most vulnerable peoples of the planet, and face a catastrophe unless their territorial rights are respected.

Survival’s Director, Stephen Corry, said: “the theft of land is the biggest problem that indigenous peoples face. Around the world, industrialized societies are stealing the indigenous lands in search of profit. This is a continuation of the invasions and genocide that characterized the European colonization of the Americas and Australia. The right of isolated peoples to their land is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and in international law and must be respected, or the consequences will be terrible. “


Source: Survival


Indigenous protocols document in court requesting immediate removal of invaders of its territory

12 August 2016

The indigenous people Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau filed on Tuesday (8) document on Oversight of the Federal Police in Rondonia asking for the immediate withdrawal of the invaders of the indigenous land and solution of conflicts in the region. According to the document the action requires urgency since the invaders are armed, making the felling of the forest to make clearings “.

In the document on the absence of monitoring their own indigenous people were removing the invasion of one of the raided areas. At the scene they found three men armed with a machete and sickle, being identified as Dorico and José da Conceição. The third fled, and according to the case report was armed with a shotgun.

“We need the urgent withdrawal of the invaders, before it happens the death of indigenous or of invaders in a confrontation within the indigenous land”, warn.

Nelson Bishop

According to the document, who commands the invasions is Mr. Nelson Bishop, President of the Curupira, “this gentleman comes many years promoting the invasions on indigenous land Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, having been arrested in operation carried out in 2010 by the environmental police, Ibama and Funai.

Source: Amazônia.org.br



GUERRA SEM FIM/ENDLESS WAR – Resistência e Luta do Povo Krenak



The Mini-documentary displays reports of indigenous people, anthropologists and members of the federal public ministry on the actions of squatters and military officers who have withdrawn the krenak from the territory in which they lived, in the region of the Rio Doce, in minas gerais, through prison and strong repression of the culture of ethnicity.
The Regional prosecutor of the Republic Eliana Torelly presented figures of the final report of the National Commission of truth that point to 434 Brazilians not indigenous people killed during the dictatorship. During the same period, the numbers of indigenous people murdered is of more than 8.350. “on the basis of this report, we concluded that the natives were the biggest victims of the military regime and the people Krenak is living proof that”, remembered.
Today, only 25 indigenous ethnic occupy a reduced restored area with great difficulty. To the members of the mpf, the film production is a form of symbolic retraction indigenous to the suffering and violations suffered.


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